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CD#37 - The Who, What, Why, Where and How of the BISC's Visual Identity

If the mere title of this edition of The Castle Drum has you scratching your head, then fear not! In this issue we will do our best to break down the BISC Visual Identity – what it is, why it is essential and most importantly of all, where you can find the resources you need to get on board!

First up, some clarification of terms. A visual identity can be likened to a visual brand, so when we use the term ‘BISC Visual Identity’, to a certain extent we should really be thinking of our brand identity.

Which2When we namedrop companies such as Apple, Nike or Sky, what immediately springs to mind? Chances are, the first thing that will pop into your head will be a logo, then perhaps a slogan, or maybe even a jingle from a TV advert. This instant brand recognition is not something that can be created overnight. A brand is something that is built slowly over time and so it must be earned before it can be owned. Our brand is the collective result of every BISC communication, opportunity-to-see and soundbite as experienced by others.

So now we come to the BISC. Just what is the BISC’s Visual Identity? When we set out to create a BISC brand, we are essentially waving our hands around and asking to be noticed in all visual elements that are used to promote the BISC. This means that our visual identity is more than just a snazzy logo – it is the combination of every opportunity to see a business card, piece of headed notepaper, rack card, T-shirt, webpage, email, or absolutely anything else we put out in the public domain.

But why is it important? Well, our visual identity can be likened to our virtual personality. It’s our chance to make a first impression on people, to stand out from the crowd and it’s a visual cue that signifies that whatever follows will (hopefully) exemplify the values and core messaging of the Bader International Study Centre. If you prefer an analogy, it’s the uniform we wear to signify that at any given moment, we are speaking to our audience on behalf of the BISC.

The how is the tricky part, so this is where the buy-in of everyone at the BISC is absolutely essential. To be successful, our visual identity needs to be consistent. A consistent visual identity is the vital first step in establishing a coherent message across all our marketing materials. It’s worth bearing in mind that absolutely everything we put out into the public domain has the potential to be a marketing tool – we’re not just talking posters and flyers here!

BetterThe BISC Visual Identity consists of some basic colours, font styles and design elements created to keep everyone at the institution on the same page. The more this palette is used, the more we all contribute to the creation of a cohesive, BISC-branded package. Consistent use of the BISC Visual Identity will help increase awareness of the BISC because the more places it is featured, the more opportunities there will be to see it, and the more memorable it will become. It’s a rolling snowball effect, and the BISC’s Visual Identity is admittedly only at the top of the hill at the moment, so it will need a gentle nudge!

The BISC website has all manner of downloadable materials for you to use in your day to day tasks. If you are not sure you will find a use for all the materials in one fell swoop, that's fine, but please bookmark the page for future reference as our style will inevitably evolve and new templates will be added from time to time. All materials are stored behind your regular login on the staff and faculty homepages.

Everyone at the BISC can play a role in strengthening our visual identity. Please use the templates provided to create any new documents or materials. Our style guidelines are there to help you. These simple rules define how our visual elements should be portrayed, but if you are ever unsure, please do not hesitate to contact your line manager or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the LICR Department.

Thanks for reading. In this particular instance, don’t stand out from the crowd! Working together, we can maximise the impact of the BISC brand in an increasingly competitive academic marketplace.

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