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APSC 223/3.0 Global Project Management
ARTH 116/3.0 Art and Architecture in Britain from the Classical Period to c.1700
ARTH 117/3.0 Art and Architecture c.1700 to the Present Day
ARTH 222/3.0 Impressionism & Post-Impressionism
ARTH 399/3.0 The English Country House
ASTR 101/3.0 Astronomy I: The Solar System
BIOL 102/3.0 Introductory Biology of Cells
BIOL 103/3.0 Introductory Biology of Organisms
BISC 100/3.0 Thinking Locally
BISC 101/3.0 Acting Globally
CHEE 302/3.0 Technical Entrepreneurship
CHEM 112/6.0 General Chemistry
CLST 129/6.0 Introduction to Archaeology
CLST 206/3.0 Roman Britain
COMM 328/3.0 International Finance
COMM 339/3.0 Channels and Internet Marketing
COMM 373/3.0 International Business Negotiations
DEVS 100/6.0 Canada and the “Third World”
DRAM 271/3.0 Medieval Dramatic Literature
DRAM 273/3.0 Medieval Performance
ECON 111/3.0 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON 112/3.0 Introductory Macroeconomics
ENGL 100/6.0 Introduction to Literary Study
ENGL 237/3.0 Children's Literature: Harry Potter and the English School Story
ENGL 258/3.0 Jacobean Shakespeare
ENGL 278/3.0 Literature and Place: ‘Mapping the City’
ENGL 281/3.0 Legends of King Arthur: Medieval to Modern
ENGL 291/3.0 Literature on Screen and Stage - A Study in Sherlock
ENIN 200/3.0 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
ENIN 301/3.0 Creative Entrepreneurship
ENIN 400/3.0 Innovation Design Sprint
Field School in British Archaeology
Field School in Medieval Theatre Studies
FILM 104/3.0 Film Form & Modern Culture to 1970
FILM 214/3.0 Mobile Communications
FILM 337/3.0 Cinema and the City
FILM 340/3.0 Advertising and Consumer Culture
FREN 150/6.0 Français Intermédiaire
GEOL 104/3.0 The Dynamic Earth
Global Project Management in the 21st Century: Engineering in an Interdisciplinary Age
GNDS 350/3.0 Feminism, the Body and Visual Culture.
GPHY 102/3.0 Physical Geography and Natural Resources
HIST 241/3.0 Issues in History: Medieval Europe: Castles, Kingdoms, and Religious Conflict
HIST 273/3.0 New Imperialism
HIST 289/3.0 Britain since 1851
HIST 330/3.0 Topics in History
HIST 332/3.0 Medieval Britain
HLTH 101/3.0 The Social Determinants of Health
HLTH 102/3.0 Personal Health and Wellness
HLTH 332/3.0 Foundations for Understanding Disability
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