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IDIS 305/3.0 British Studies II

Course applicable to the following Majors / Medials/ Minors:    ENGL (substitute) / HIST (substitute) / POLS (substitution) / Con-Ed Teaching Subject (History)
Course Instructor: Dr Peter Lowe - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This course is available in:   Summer and Winter term at the BISC
Course Prerequisites / Exclusions:   PREREQUISITE: Level 2 or above.

IDIS 305 students will analyse a nation suffering an identity crisis. In the 21st century, the ongoing Brexit debate represents a contest over the UK’s cultural history and political future, and a renegotiation of the very idea of ‘Britishness’ and what a British ‘community’ might be.


Course Highlights:

A critical overview of British history, culture and politics.

A truly interdisciplinary course that examines Britain through the study of history, politics, current affairs, literature, art and popular culture.

Learn to think critically about your own national identities.

Explore subject matter in a way that emphasises group discussions and access to primary sources.

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IDIS 305/3.0 British Studies II

Taking as our starting point the 1951 Festival of Britain, and concluding with plans for a ‘Festival of Brexit’ to mark the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, this course will help students to critically analyse key examples of British culture.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be given support and opportunities to:

  • Develop thoughtful and compelling arguments.
  • Clearly communicate complex knowledge in various settings.
  • Reflect on the impact of culture and co-culture on values, assumptions, perceptions and behaviour.

By the end of the course, succesful students will be better able to:

  • Explain and critique key debates on British culture and British identity.
  • Analyse a range of primary, secondary and media sources, both in class and in their own independent research.
  • Understand and contribute to ongoing debates about nations, nationalism, and other salient cultural and geopolitical issues.
  • Present original research using innovative visual and multi-media methods.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Examples of previous ELOs or this course include: A visit to the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, to explore its collection of landscape art from Sussex and surrounding areas, and a performance of the play Death of England at the National Theatre, London. This one-man piece is a reflection on the personal and national legacies of the past fifty years and draws together several of the issues we have been discussing on the course.

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