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Instructor: Dr. Naomi Clifton

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Practice in reading, writing, grammar review, and literary analysis. For students wishing to complete a major, medial, or minor Plan in French.

Available as a full-year course in Fall 2018/Winter 2019.

EXCLUSION    No more than 6.0 units from FREN 150/6.0; FREN 100/6.0; FREN 101/3.0; FREN 102/3.0; FREN 110/6.0

NOTE: Placement test recommended prior to registration. For information go to:

This course provides intensive instruction and practice in all the skills of language acquisition (speaking, reading, writing, understanding). It will consist of a weekly grammar lesson, providing instruction and active participation in acquiring the fundamentals of French grammar, with accompanying exercises. Students will also have the opportunity to read and discuss a short novel and a short play written in French and to take part in debates, presentations and discussions in the target language. There will be a weekly small group session to allow for intense practice in speaking, exchanging views and developing fluent oral efficiency in the language.


Learning outcomes

Learners will develop to a more advanced level their fluency in French and will work on their accent by weekly discussions around a given topic, reciting poems, staging a play and playing roles of ordinary French speakers. Learners will improve their writing skills and grammatical accuracy by writing short grammatical compositions every other week, and an essay for the end of the term.

Learners will engage creatively with authentic multimedia materials (songs, films, plays) by listening to and answering questions about authentic online documents in French published on moodle or projected in class.Learners will extend their vocabulary by doing the weekly assignments from their textbook and by working on the vocabulary handouts given in class.

Learners will become aware of cultural differences and thus develop their critical thinking regarding various aspects of the francophone world by engaging with texts and audio documents from West Africa, Canada, France and the Pacific and by watching two films.Learners will get immersed in various aspects of French and Francophone culture: food, politics, politeness, youth culture by watching excerpts from the daily news posted on TV5 via moodle.

Learners will get a sense of the artistry and stylistic traits of the French language by reading and analysing Albert Camus’s L’étranger and Jaoui and Bacri’s Cuisine et dépendances


Experiential learning opportunities

The main ELO activity will be staging and acting a French play for the end of the semester: Cuisine et Dépendances by Jaoui and Bacri.  Weekly listening comprehension exercises that use authentic French material will be provided as well. The second field study will be the screening of two films: Timbuktu by Abderrahmane Sissako (2014) and Le dernier métro, by Francois Truffault (1980). The second assignment will be a review of one of the films.



Épreuve préliminaire 10%

Examen final (écrit) 25%

Examen final (oral) 10%

Travaux écrits (3) 30%

Exposé 15%

Participation 10%


“exposé”: this is an individual or paired presentation (depending on class numbers) on a topic of your choice relating to any aspect of francophone culture that interests you and that is likely to interest the class (duration: 10-15 minutes, allowing time for questions and discussion). Topic to be approved beforehand.

“travaux écrits” : three short written and entirely personal texts (creative, discursive, descriptive) of some 300-350 words on a particular theme. At least one of the three will relate directly to a field trip in the course.

participation: this will include two main components: (1) attendance; (2) the quality of your general and informal participation in the course. See the BISC Attendance Policy for information on excused and unexcused absences.

test and exam: the final exam will mainly cover the work studied during the semester and the field trips.

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