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BISC 100: Thinking Locally & BISC 101: Acting Globally

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BISC 100: Thinking Locally and BISC 101: Acting Globally are two courses that are offered exclusively at the BISC. They are purposefully designed to build on the unique aspects of the BISC learning environment. 

City of LondonThese two courses focus on basic themes that are essential to any subject area and draw links across students' disciplinary specializations and co-curricular learning. These courses will be taken by all first year students at the BISC and are delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, group work and one-on-one sessions. 

The skills and knowledge developed in these courses will allow students to engage with their further studies and their role in a globalized environment with confidence, intelligence and ambition.

  • BISC 100: Thinking Locally explores concepts of location, identity and boundaries that are at the heart of all academic inquiry across the Humanities and Social Sciences. It will do so by looking at case studies related to our British setting, like the idea of a unique British national identity, the debates on what constitutes English heritage, or the more recent controversies on immigration. 
  • BISC 101: Acting Globally takes the concepts introduced in BISC 100 and expand them to a global scale. Students will engage in an analysis of the ways which people interact globally, focusing on basic patterns of international interaction, such as trade, imperialism, war and peace-making. Current global issues will be a focal point for discussion and problem-solving activities. 

Your Pathway to Second Year

Several Queen’s departments accept BISC 100 and BISC 101 as full entry into their major plan: 

  • History
  • Drama
  • Sociology

By taking BISC 100 and BISC 101 you will be thoroughly prepared to continue studies in these fields in your second year.

You may also choose to major in Film and Media Studies, or Geography by combining BISC 100 and BISC 101 with the relevant disciplinary course in your second term at the BISC.

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