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At the BISC you will learn in a variety of settings such as museums, moot courts, debates, walking tours and guest lectures. This is because we recognise that not all learning can or should occur just within the four walls of a classroom.

So, while all courses include classroom-based activities such as lectures and seminars, they all involve interactive Experiential Learning Opportunities based on campus as well as those that will take you to exceptional places in the UK and Europe.*

For example, as an Art History student you could expect to learn about certain painting techniques in class, and then visit the National Gallery in London to see ‘in the flesh’ the painting you have been studying.

By examining the brush strokes for yourself and seeing the painting in the context of an exhibition of similar canvases, you will be able to connect the theoretical to the practical and come to a new understanding and appreciation of the subject matter at hand.

You can then use your new-found knowledge and insights in future assignments, and display a sophistication that cannot be found learning by more traditional methods.

And regardless of your program you will have the opportunity to participate in sessions, both at the Castle and off-campus, to work with experts to develop your employment aptitude and confidence, helping you to develop the skills you will need for successful interviews and workplace effectiveness.

The experiential learning opportunities... here at BISC have provided me with first hand experience of knowledge and theory that we cover in class.
Ian, First Year student 2018-19

*Destinations vary by program
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