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Experiential Learning

Just imagine discussing Art history while standing in front of the actual paintings in the Louvre in Paris, or biology in the lab where Louis Pasteur carried out his experiments.

At the BISC the learning experience extends outside the classroom and beyond traditional learning with experiential learning opportunities focusing on a practical approach to your studies. Consequently every course at the castle reflects its desire to anchor the academic experience in direct observation and participation, and field studies and guest speakers are key components of the courses we offer.

Built into your tuition fee, and into each term, you will have the opportunity to go on both one-day and multi-day excursions designed to enhance your learning experience.

Course-specific opportunities

  • Fall and Winter: 2 experiential learning opportunities per course
  • Summer: varies by program

Previous experiential learning opportunites have been to places such as:

  • The British Museum
  • The National Gallery
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Canadian High Commisson
  • Allen and Overy law firm
  • Barclays bank

Students are encouraged to process their experiences in the field via guided reflection and critical thinking, supported by the instructor, who will help students foster their own active learning and acquisition of transferable skills.

Cultural Studies Trips

At least one cultural studies trip per term is open to all students at the Castle. Past cultural studies trips have included:

  • Day-trip to Canterbury, which includes a visit to Canterbury Cathedral
  • Day-trip to Bruges
  • Day-trip to Cambridge, including a walking tour
  • Day trip to London, including a boat ride on the Thames

Pre-trip talks provide a cultural and historical background to the site being visited and are reinforced with academic handouts. Course-related visits may also be integrated into the cultural studies trips.

Big Ben from Trafalgar Square

Mid-Term Trips

  • Fall (First Year and Upper Year General Program, and i2TRM Program): 5-day trip to Northern England and Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Winter (First Year and Upper Year General Program): 5-day trip to Paris, France
  • Winter (Law and Politics): 7-day trip to France and Germany
  • Summer (Summer+ Program): 4-day trip in London
  • Summer (Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability): 4-day trip to France. Overnight trips to Oxford and London
  • Summer (Global Project Management): 2-day trip to London
  • Summer (British Archaeology): 3-day trip to West of England and Wales

Download the Winter 2018 Calendar (PDF, 330KB)

Eiffel Tower panoramic view

*All Mid-term Trip destinations are subject to change for operational and/or academic reasons.

The National History Museum

A popular destination for students in courses such as Biology

The British Museum

Students recreating scenes from the Elgin Marbles

Cuckmere Haven

A nearby country park often visited by students

Drusillas Park Zoo

Students studying animal behaviour for PSYC 100

The National Gallery

A popular destination for students of Art History


A student exploring mod culture in Brighton
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