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Subject area: Geography and Geology
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I am a geoscientist with interests and expertise in sedimentary geology, sedimentary geochemistry and petroleum sedimentology. The opportunity to introduce the most important concepts in geology and geography to first year students and prepare them for future opportunities and responsibilities is the most important thing I enjoy at BISC.  

I teach geology and geography at BISC and these modules are extremely important for the understanding of our planet, its dynamic nature, its economic resources and how it affects natural hazards and climate change.

Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) include visits to the Natural History Museum (London), Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park (London). These ELOs ensure that students develop an effective application of the knowledge acquired in the classroom to out-of-class settings and also help students focus on the practical aspect of these modules.

I have particular expertise using field, fossil, geochemistry, mineralogy and geophysics for describing and interpreting sedimentary environments and their economic resources. My recent and current research involves multi-proxy sedimentological studies of the Lower Cretaceous facies of southeast England.

Recent publications:

  • Akinlotan, O. (2018). Multi-proxy approach to palaeoenvironmental modelling: the English Lower Cretaceous Weald Basin. Geological Journal 53 (1), 316-335.
  • Akinlotan O. (2017). Sideritic ironstones as indicators of depositional environments in the Lower Cretaceous Weald Basin southeast England (Geological Magazine). https://doi.org/10.1017/S0016756817001017.
  • Akinlotan, O. (2017). Mineralogy and Palaeoenvironments: The Weald Basin (Early Cretaceous), Southeast England. The Depositional Record 3 (2), 187–200.
  • Akinlotan, O. (2017). Geochemical analysis for palaeoenvironmental interpretations – a case study of the English Wealden (Lower Cretaceous, southeast England). Geological Quarterly 61 (1), 227–238.
  • Akinlotan, O. (2016). Porosity and permeability of the English (Lower Cretaceous) sandstones. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association 17 (6), 681–690.
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