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Subject area: Law and Politics
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Sonia Dussault is a polemologist and pedagogical expert with more than twenty years of teaching experience. She has been part of BISC’s Specialized Program of International Law and Politics teaching team since its creation.

She is a bilingual researcher with Queen’s-Servicewomen Salute Online Portal Project which has been awarded a five-year Veterans Affairs Canada Well-Being Fund grant; a member of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research; and Associate Professor with Research Chair Événements traumatiques, santé mentale et résilience at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC).

She holds a BA in History (Laval), a B.E.S (Laval), a MA in Conflict Resolution (Bradford) and MA in history (Queen’s). She is currently completing her PhD in history at Queen’s University under the mentorship of Dr. Allan English. Her doctoral research re-examines clashes between different ways of war and peace from the seventeenth until the end of the nineteenth century in what is know today as Canada. To that effect, she developed two analytical models - designed to determine the nature of violent organized human conflicts and quests to end them - to reassess distant historical case studies and extract relevant take-away lessons to better tackle twenty-first century challenges in complex and ever-evolving security environments.

through the lens of two original models. Her War and Peace Models reveals overlooked aspects of First Nations, French, Canadien, British, Métis and Canadian warfare and diplomacy as well as senior military leaders’ ideas about war and peace.

Her keen interest in conflict resolution, comparative genocide studies and military history also includes topics related to the nature of war and peace, conflict and culture, war and gender, Indigenous and Métis diplomacy and military history, and veteran health research. A passionate university professor, she closely follows questions related to university teaching and learning (especially active learning and agile teaching). Since 1999, she designed traditional, blended and online courses for high-school, mature, undergraduate and graduate students both in Canada and abroad.

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