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I have enjoyed working as a lecturer in mathematics at undergraduate level in different British institutes since 2014 and at BISC since 2016. I completed my PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics in 2006 and subsequently became an IT professional in the finance industry developing software and carrying out mathematical research in financial modeling.

BISC is a great place to teach and study because it is a small, friendly and supportive community set within picturesque and historical surroundings. Calculus is one of the most applicable and practical branches of mathematics and is relevant to many other disciplines. The course of Calculus, MATH 121, is designed to equip students with key mathematical skill sets from basic to more advanced level that may be required in science and certain arts subjects taught at BISC. 

As part of their course studies, students embark on exciting experiential learning opportunities (ELO) along with research and presentation exercises. During these ELOs students have undertaken group tasks such as discovering the real-life applications of trigonometric functions and derivatives through first-hand experience. Most recently, they determined how much liquid a wine cask will hold by applying the techniques of integration and volume of revolution.

I have carried out research in the applications of CFD in groundwater and pollution modeling and in quantitative finance. Some publications include:

  • K. Frost, M. K. Patel, & C-H. Lai. 2007. CFD analysis of one-dimensional infiltration in vadose zone. Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology, 1 (4). pp. 477-493. ISSN 1748-3018
  • K. Frost & C-H. Lai. Use of Laplace transform method for option pricing under historical volatility. In preparation.
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