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Diana GilchristI’m a singer and I love to bring my professional experience from around the world into the classroom where I teach MUSC 102 and MUTH 232. Classical music is often considered inaccessible and elitist. But I enjoy engaging students in exploring ‘great works’ in ways that allow us to challenge some of the myths and orthodoxies that can surround them.

I also encourage a multi-perspective approach to music. A real benefit of our small and close-knit academic and residential community at the BISC is that we can try to inspire students to informally explore links across courses, and between seemingly diverse subjects such as music and physics, or music and national identities.

One of the best things about teaching Music at the BISC is that I get to take students on some amazing experiential learning opportunities - performances where we enjoy primary and authentic experiences of music we have studied in class. This is the best way to engage with music and it is a vital part of what makes the BISC learning environment so rich.

My research interests include Music & Emotion, Opera Studies, and Mozart Performance Practice. I’m fascinated by how music can function as a powerful tool in our lives. My current PhD research probes how singers use specific expressive vocal gestures to convey meaning and emotion in performance.

I’ve been making music at the BISC for over twenty years and my greatest joy is exposing students to new ideas and musical experiences and seeing how this intellectual and personal growth informs and enriches their lives.

My publications include: 

  • Challenging Performance (2016)


  • Gilchrist, D & Katz, S. Songs of Canada CD
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