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Subject area: Global Development Studies
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Studying Global Development Studies at the BISC and in particular DEVS 100, benefits greatly from the small class sizes, which allow me to make the most of creating special learning opportunities and research activities. Getting to know students well means I am able to create bespoke course contents and focus seminar material tailored towards students’ interests. It allows me to support students through a variety of learning processes and maintain close contacts throughout their academic pursuits.

By taking DEVS 100 students will be asked to become active learners through intense immersion in the theoretical approaches that underlie much of global development across time and space since the end of World War 2.  DEVS 100 also includes discussions of major concepts of global development studies, a history of global inequality and histories of alternative development strategies. The course provides students with an understanding of conceptual issues of development studies as well as with more practical and policy-oriented approach to development planning and implementation. The BISC provides an important space where active engagement with location-specific activities such as workshops, round-tables and museums allows for critical on-site explorations of important elements of DEVS 100. The course explores these issues in the context of specific case studies highlighting the relationship between developing countries, Canada and beyond. Case studies cover a wide range of topics such as modern missionary practices, human rights and moral issues in global development, poverty and inequality in urban and rural areas, culture, war and international security, gender, education, global health and global labour markets.

While students will learn to apply theoretical lenses to the current geo-political climate of the world DEVS 100 ELOs provide a unique opportunity to enhance their learning through visits of important sites. In the past they have included visits to the Imperial War Museum in London, UK to explore critically the role war has played in processes of global development, the design and presentation of research projects during the BISC Science Week highlighting the interface between the natural sciences and global development and participation in beach clean-ups of local beaches to collect data on marine pollution conducted by the Marine Conservation Society.

My research interests broadly include cross-cultural experiences of poverty and inequality. This includes long-term ethnographic research of marginalized populations within an Anglo-speaking context. I am deeply interested in exploring spaces and arenas of exploitation. This interest in processes of poverty frames much of the course work at the heart of DEVS 100. 

I can supervise projects on:

  • British Imperial History and Global
  • History
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Gender Studies
  • Global Development Studies
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