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I specialize in Canadian Politics and have a particularly strong interest in intersections of politics, public policy, law, and healthcare as they relate to gendered bodies. My research interests lie predominantly in the realm of gender and politics, especially the regulation of reproduction. 

I teach three courses at the BISC: POLS 110: Introduction to Politics and Government, GNDS 215: Sexual and Gender Diversity, and GNDS 350: Feminism, the Body and Visual Culture. At the heart of each class are questions about power dynamics, and the role of individuals and institutions in helping to shape them. As both a major political and cultural centre, the United Kingdom is an ideal place to explore these issues and engage with some of them first hand.

One of my favourite experiential learning opportunities from Political Studies this past year was a visit to the European Union, in which the class had an opportunity to visit the chamber, learn about the institution, and participate in a fast-paced simulation. This exercise allowed students to gain insight into the relationship between individuals, society, and government, as well as affording them an opportunity to actively apply theories of representation.

My favourite part of teaching at the Castle is the small class sizes! Having an opportunity to get to know my students and engage them on an individual level allows me to tailor material and feedback to a degree that's rare during undergraduate degrees, and almost unheard of for first year students.

  • Johnstone, Rachael 2017. “After Morgentaler: The Politics of Abortion in Canada.” Vancouver: UBC Press. 
  • Johnstone, Rachael, and Emmett Macfarlane.  2015. “Public Policy, Rights and Abortion Access in Canada.” International Journal of Canadian Studies 51: 97-120.
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