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Subject area: Political Studies
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I have studied Classics and Philosophy and I hold a PhD in Politics and Government. I work as Assistant Professor at the BISC teaching European Politics and Integration. I also hold a position of Visiting Professor at the Law Department of the Catholic University in Lille, France, where I teach International Politics.

This is a great time to study European affairs (POLS338) exactly because Europe is being experiencing – for some years now - a crisis of trust and credibility. The European project has ceased to be as inspirational as it used to be. This course on European integration raises questions on the possibility of its opposite: disintegration and collapse. Studying possible scenarios of rebirth or/and collapse of the European project, in a country where the European decline is being materialised with/after Brexit is academically exciting and culturally challenging.

We pay a visit to the representation office of the European Commission and/or the European Parliament in London as part of the experiential learning activities of this course. The students have the opportunity to raise questions and directly discuss matters linked to European affairs with policy makers and European officers, who kindly offer their useful and pragmatic insights.

I feel very lucky to teach in an intellectually liberal and inspirational environment. Exchanging various viewpoints and sharing diverse cultural and academic backgrounds is being constantly promoted and encouraged at the Castle. Teaching politics and complicated world affairs and, at the same time, feeling a little bit of a ‘Princess’ by doing this at a beautiful castle is also very refreshing!

My publications include: 

  • K. Kyriakopoulou, ‘Authoritarian states and Internet social media: Instruments of democratization or instruments of control?’, Human Affairs, 21, 1, 18-26, March 2012.
  • T. K. Saalfeld and K. Kyriakopoulou, ‘Presence and Behaviour: Black and Minority Ethnic MPs in the United Kingdom – An Exploratory Study’. Karen Bird, Thomas Saalfeld, Andreas M Würst (eds), The Political Representation of Immigrants and Minorities. London: Routledge, September 2011.
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