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Subject area: British Studies
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The British Studies courses (IDIS 304 and 305) provide a unique opportunity not simply to learn about British culture and society, but to interrogate it. We examine the development of British identity across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries by looking at topics such as the Royal family and decline of empire as well as Margaret Thatcher, The London Riots, Scottish Independence, and Brexit. By taking this course at the BISC students will be able to bring a critical eye to their experiences while studying in the UK and will also be prompted to think about issues of politics and nationalisms while on their travels around Europe. As well as British Studies, I also teach the history and identity components of our first year programme: BISC 100 and BISC 101.

My favourite ELO for British Studies is our visit to the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex. Here we examine collections on recent events in British identity such as the riots and Brexit. We examine first hand accounts of British people’s responses and reactions to such events. This helps to break down our assumptions about Britishness and exposes us to the variety of issues that lie at the heart of contemporary Britain.

I love teaching at the castle because small class sizes, our unique campus, and ELOs make the learning experience engaging and exciting for students.

My research interests lie within the areas of nationalism and gender studies. Specifically, my recent publications have been focused within the areas of queer theory and women’s writing in relation to contemporary Scottish identity. Broadly I am interested in contemporary UK identities and the multiple formations of nationalism within the UK.

Recent Publications:

  • Co-editor (with Dr Jane Stedman) of 'C21 Scottish Fiction: Where are we now?' Special issue of C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-Century Writings, volume 5 issue 2. Available at: https://c21.openlibhums.org/3/volume/5/issue/2/
  • 'Queer Scottish Gothic'. The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Gothic (Ed. Carol Davison and Monica Germanà). Edinburgh: EUP.
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