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I achieved my BA (Hons) in History at Richmond the American International University in London, and both my MA and PhD in Medieval History at the University of Nottingham. My doctoral thesis focused on the participation of the Norman and Anglo-Norman nobility in the Iberian wars of reconquest due to the changing theological arguments for crusading. I have maintained an active research interest on the theological aura of the Reconquista as part of the Crusading movement in the minds of the Northern European participants.

As Medieval Historian, it is a pleasure to teach at the picturesque Herstmonceux Castle. Its small class sizes make the BISC the perfect environment to interact closely with students and allow them to focus on their main areas of interest through their written and oral work.

I teach three courses: HIST 241: Medieval Europe, CLST 206: Roman Britain and HIST 332: Medieval Britain. The study of Roman and Medieval European history in a medieval castle and its surrounding countryside is a perfect opportunity for students to experience first-hand the development of European societies. I help students develop a good general knowledge of the period they are studying. We explore themes such as the development of Roman and feudal societies and the transformative role of religion in the Medieval period through in-class debates using primary and secondary evidence. For CLST 206 and HIST 332 we use the evidence from the archaeological digs which students carry out as part of the Field School. We also visit a number of locations, such as the British Library, Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral as experiential learning opportunities during which students further enhance their learning.  

  • “Spiritual and Material Rewards on the Christian-Muslim Frontier: Norman Crusaders in the Valley of the Ebro”, Medievalismo 27 (2017).
  • “Interventions in the Iberian Wars of Reconquest Before and After the First Crusade”, in Crusading and Pilgrimage in the Norman World, eds. Paul Oldfield and Kathryn Hurlock, Woodbridge: Boydell, 2015.
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