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i2TRM - International Innovation Term

Dates: August 26 2019 - December 12 2019
Based: Kingston, ON and Herstmonceux, UK
Apply by: July 31 2019
Cost: $20,959

Canada's only for-credit international innovation and entrepreneurship program

Have you ever had an idea but didn't know how to make it a reality? Are you looking to gain or develop entrepreneurial skills? Do you already have a business venture or social innovation project and want the space and time to concentrate on growing it while earning academic credit?

The International Innovation Term (i2TRM) at the Bader International Study Centre in the UK is an opportunity to do all this and more in an international setting and through a winning formula: DDQIC’s proven accelerator program that harnesses the support of highly successful Queen’s alumni in business and entrepreneurship. 

With the i2TRM you have the opportunity to solve real-world problems, make a societal impact by putting your education into practice, and gain the business acumen you need to be a successful entrepreneur. Work with peers from Arts, Science, Business, and Engineering backgrounds, and gain exposure to people, places and ideas that can only be achieved by studying abroad. Network with international investors, peers at UK universities, and get real-world expert support from Queen's instructors, innovators and alumni living in the UK.

And you can do all this taking courses you can use towards your degree and the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity.

The best entrepreneurs think globally... Almost without exception, the most compelling innovators reflect and respect a “born global” ethos.
Michael Schrage, Research Fellow at MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business, Harvard Book Review

Questions Info Sheet (PDF, 669KB) APPLY NOW!

  • Exclusive access to Queen's alumni. 5+ guest lectures from members of the London node of DDQIC's Global Network.
  • Build key skills. Get the business skills, people skills, and connections you need for success.
  • The best of both worlds. Do what you love and get academic credit. 
  • Compete for early stage funding. By the end of the program, ventures will have a minimum viable product and compete for early stage funding.
  • Non-repayable bursaries valued up to $5000 available for eligible students.
  • Limited number of awards valued up to $7000 for Queen's students (Fall 2019)
Dates and fees based on 2018 and subject to change.

The i2TRM program

Enrol in 3 or 4 Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses (ENIN or CHEE), and 1 to 2 elective courses from the general program, to a maximum of 15.0 units.

Interested in completing the requirements for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity while at the BISC? Take 3 or 4 Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses, and 1 to 2 elective courses as required from the option courses listed below. Note: If you are also in a degree program, only 6.0 units from your degree program or the certificate can count towards both.

Course NameNo. of UnitsLocationCore i2TRM courseCore QEIC Certificate courseOption QEIC Certificate course
ENIN 200/3.0 Foundations of Entrepreneurship 3.0 BISC Y Y
ENIN 401/3.0 Innovation Design Sprint 3.0 BISC Y Y
CHEE 302 Technical Entrepreneurship 3.0 BISC Y1 Y2
ENIN 301/3.0 Creative Entrepreneurship 3.0 Online only Y1 Y2
FILM 340/3.0 Advertising and Consumer Culture 3.0 BISC Y
LLCU 214/3.0 Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals and Myth 3.0 BISC Y
ECON 111/3.0 Introductory Microeconomics (pending approval) 3.0 BISC Y
WRIT 250/3.0 Writing in Business Contexts 3.0 Online only Y
  1. Students in i2TRM are not required to take both CHEE 302 and ENIN 301
  2. If both CHEE 302 and ENIN 301 are taken towards the certificate, one will count as a core and the other as an option course
Download course descriptions and learning hours (PDF, 211KB)


  • Course offerings are subject to change for reasons including, but not limited to, enrolment numbers. Students will have access to academic advising services if changes impact their course selections. 
  • Queen's students: Grades will show on your Queen's University transcript and count towards your CUM GPA. You are encouraged to consult with an Acaedmic Advisor in your home department/faculty if interested in completing the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity while at the BISC.
  • Non-Queen's students: Following the grade release date you can request a transcript from the University Registrar. Transcripts will be sent automatically to students from partner universities.

Canary WharfCanary Wharf, London's financial heart

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Field trips to visit major centres of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in London and nearby cities (museums, theatres, start-ups, incubators, etc.)
  • 1-2 self-curated business trips to create learning and networking opportunities to develop your venture.
  • 5+ guest lectures from members of the London node of DDQIC's Global Network. Members are Queen's alumni coming from a variety of backgrounds in engineering, law, and business. They will conduct guest lectures, listen to pitches, provide one-on-one feedback to teams, act as judges for the Ideasfest Conference and network with the cohort.

Experiential Learning Opportunities and mid-term trip are indicative and may change subject to operational and/or academic requirements.

Check out activites from Fall 2018 (PDF, 446KB)
and see the schedule below for planned activities in Fall 2019.

Panormaic view of Edinburgh towards the castleView of Edinburgh city and castle from the Nelson monument

Mid-Term Trip

You'll discover more of the UK by taking part in a multi-day trip to Northern England and Edinburgh, Scotland. Built into your tuition fees, the midterm trip is an outstanding, extended opportunity for you to explore cultural and historical sites of interest.

Authentic and Work-Related Opportunities

  • 1-2 student-run Innovation-related workshops at the BISC, UK
  • 1 student-run Ideasfest Conference at the BISC, UK
  • Weekly pitches of your venture progress to guest experts, peers, professors and program coordinators
  • Final pitch competition. By the end of the program, ventures will have a minimum viable product and compete for early stage funding
  • Networking opportunities with both alumni, industry professionals, conference delegates etc.

Greg Bavington, Sc’85

Executive Director, DDQIC
Special Advisor to the Provost, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

“There is no better investment than in our future leaders,” says Greg Bavington. He should know. Greg was appointed Executive Director of the Queen’s Innovation Connector in November 2012. His latest innovation challenge follows five years as President and CEO of KN Rubber LLC and roles helping to design smelters in South Africa and GM’s modernized assembly plant in Oshawa.
Read More

Jim McLellan, Sc’81, PhD’90

Academic Director, DDQIC
Jim (Sc’81, PhD’90) is the Academic Director of the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre, Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen’s and a co-founder of the Queen’s Summer Innovation Initiative. Prior to joining Queen’s in 1990, he worked for Petro-Canada as a control applications engineer. He is an active researcher and consultant in the fields of statistical model building and process control, working with major companies ranging from biomedical devices, to metals manufacturing and chemical manufacturing processes.
Read More

August 12 - 16 Optional pre-program activity Visit to QICSI in Kingston
Open House for BISC i2TRM cohort at QICSI
August 19 - 23 Optional pre-program activity i2TRM x QICSI
i2TRM cohort watch QICSI final pitches online or in person
August 26 - 30 Program begins Part 1: i2TRM Bootcamp
Bootcamp begins in Kingston, ON
September 5 - 8 Move-in and Orientation
BISC move-in day on September 5th. BISC orientation over September 6-8
Week 1 Part 2: i2TRM Bootcamp classes begin
Week 2 Student-facilitated workshop for BISC students; Classes continue
Week 3 Visit to Bain & Company UK; Ideasfest Meeting; Classes continue
Meet with Queen's alumna Samantha Crème at one of the world's largest management consulting firms.
Week 4 Student-facilitated Expert Panel for BISC students; Classes continue
Potential speakers from Onex Group (one of the oldest private equity firms), Summerhill Group, and PhotoVan
Week 5 Startup Funding Club; Ideasfest Meeting 2; Classes continue
Visit the Starttup Funding Club to participate in investment selection, and delivery of elevator pitches for your proposed venture
Week 6 and 7 Venture bootcamp; Meetings with Queen's alumni; TechHub workshops; Speaker series
Work on your venture in London or Edinburgh (location TBD), connect with Queen's alumni, participate in workshops, and hear from expert speakers
Week 8 Ideasfest Meeting 3; Classes continue
Week 9 Entrepreneurship Weekend (Hack-a-Thon/Ideasfest); Classes continue
Develop & run a 3-day, collaborative problem-solving event (for students to attend from UK universities, as well as from the BISC).
Week 10 Meaning Conference; Classes continue
Talks & Workshops relating to purpose-driven businesses innovating to disrupt sectors, whole systems etc.
Week 11 GoodTech Conference Conference; Classes continue
A 'not-for-profit' event that explores the use of technology for social good via project team talks, workshops & hackathons.
Week 12 Final Pitch Competition; classes end November 29
Teams complete for seed funding to pursue their venture beyond i2TRM; i2TRM program wrap-up
December 12 Students depart
2019 schedule is indicative and subject to change without notice based on availability
Dunin Deshpande Queen's Innovation Connector logo

Queen's Students

  • Make sure you meet the basic prerequisites:
    • Minimum 1.6 GPA
    • Good academic standing
    • Level 2 standing (by time program starts)
  • Request to change campus
  • Receive campus confirmation from Undergraduate Admission
  • Register in class on SOLUS (pre-reqs may apply to some courses)
Apply Now

Non-Queen's Students

  • Make sure you meet the basic prerequisites for studying abroad at your home institution.
  • Apply online
  • Register online for your chosen program
  • Submit Letter of Permission
  • Accept your offer
Apply Now

Bain & Company

Meet with alumni at this global consulting firm

Connect with UK peers

Take part in workshops and conferences with your peers

Startup Funding Club

Get exclusive insights into how to get startup funding

A busy schedule!

Make the most of your time in the UK

30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)

Visit iconic buildings in the UK


Develop & run a 3-day, collaborative problem-solving event

What is a Letter of Permission?


A Letter of Permission (LOP) is an official document issued by your home institution. The LOP allows you to take courses for credit at the BISC for a specified semester/program, transferring the credits back to your home institution for the purpose of completing your university degree.

Your academic advisor or the person issuing the LOP will typically look at the course content and your current transcript to assess whether you will be academically prepared for the course/program. Pre-requisite courses listed on the BISC website are therefore not necessarily mandatory for non-Queen's students, but may be used as part of the assessment process by your home institution when granting an LOP.

We will also makde admission decisions based on current transcripts, but please note that without an LOP you may not be able to transfer credits back to your home institution.

Bader International Study Centre
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Phone: +44 1323 834444
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