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Castle Summer Plus 2019

Attending the Summer Plus program at the BISC was an amazing experience. The program allowed me to invest in my studies in new and exciting ways inside and outside of the classrooms. Being able to intertwine travel and education while exploring the museums of downtown London or visiting various seaside towns of the UK made every week of the program something to look forward to. Additionally, the ability to guide my own research project was thoroughly enjoyable and an opportunity I would recommend to students of all focuses. The connections among students and staff, be them at the Castle or while traveling, made attending the BISC an easy transition that developed into eight unforgettable weeks. 

Harris Wilson, Arts Sci 2020

I feel like this program has prepared me really well for my future studies. I have invaluable hands-on experience and it has taught me the skills I will need to research absolutely any topic I choose to study. 

Yanping Huang, FILM 594

The most rewarding part about Summer at the Castle was that the classes were so small allowing me to develop meaningful and productive relationships with my professors over the short course of six weeks. These relationships allow you to dive deep into the material and truly get the most out of each course taken. 

Samantha Taylor-Rivas, PSYC 594

If you're thinking about undertaking a similar course at the BISC, I would say to make sure to take that opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Try something you've never done, use your resources, speak with your professors after class and go explore around the campus! 

Samantha Taylor-Rivas, PSYC 594

Living and working with a small group of peers in a picturesque environment was phenomenal. You could debate politics in a wonderfully small class, grab some dinner, then go out for a sunset hike together. I've remained close with many of the people I met there.

Sebastien Molgat, POLS 594

If you can make it work, go for it. I set myself quite a task and it was incredibly challenging, but I wouldn't change a thing.

Sebastien Molgat, POLS 594

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