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Upper Year Winter Program

Dates: January 2023 - April 2023
Based: Herstmonceux, UK
Application Deadline: November 15, 2022

Combining classroom learning in small classes with site-specific practical experiences, the Winter Term at the BISC offers you the opportunity to study abroad and engage with the world around you in meaningful, transformative ways.

Take five courses over a 12-week term, each packed with experiential learning opportunities. Our classes are designed to facilitate a graduate-style environment including close contact with your professors, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in your studies. Plus, as an upper year student, you will have the opportunity to carry out both primary and secondary research!

A crucial part of the BISC experience is in the resources and support available to you, such as career-ready workshops, bespoke academic and personal support, exciting social events, visiting speakers, clubs and sports.

Of course, like all BISC programs, what lies beyond the Castle walls is just as important as what’s inside, and our close proximity to vibrant cities such as Brighton and London gives you the chance to dive into your studies with access to sites such as Tate Modern gallery, Charles Darwin’s home, and Canterbury Cathedral. Additionally, the winter term includes a five-day mid-term trip, where you will have the opportunity  both to engage in experiential learning and take on your own personal exploration. In the past, students have experienced cities like Oxford, Liverpool, and Edinburgh on their mid-term trips!

Wherever you are in the world, the Upper Year Program at the BISC is open to all students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at an accredited university.

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The front of the Imperial War Museum in south LondonThe Imperial War Museum, London
  • Experiential Learning opportunities in all courses (typically two per course)
  • Small class sizes: the average Upper Year class size is ten students
  • Learn from subject specialists and industry professionals
  • Financial aid available for eligible students

All students enrol in 5 courses to a maximum of 15.0 units.

Course codeCourse nameYear offered
ARTH 293/3.0 Image and Self Winter 2023
FILM 214/3.0 Mobile Communications Winter 2023
HIST 241./3.0 Medieval Britain: Conquest, Climate Change & Catastrophe c. 1000 – 1400 Winter 2023
HIST 402./3.0 Hidden Lives in the Archives Winter 2023
HLTH 305/3.0 Fundamentals of Health Policy Winter 2023
HLTH 350/3.0 Topics in Global Health Winter 2023
HLTH 351/3.0 Health in Humanitarian Crises Winter 2023
IDIS 305/3.0 British Studies II Winter 2023
INTS 306/3.0 Culture, Identity and Self Winter 2023
MUTH 232/3.0 Opera Winter 2023
POLS 338/3.0 European Integration Winter 2023
POLS 398/9.0 Introduction to International Law and Politics Winter 2023
PSYC 335/3.0 Positive Psychology Winter 2023
PSYC 442/3.0 Culture and Cognition Winter 2023


  • Course offerings are subject to change for reasons including, but not limited to, enrolment numbers. Students will have access to academic advising services if changes impact their course selections. 
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities and mid-term trip are indicative and may change subject to operational and/or academic requirements.
  • Queen's students: Grades will show on your Queen's University transcript and count towards your CUM GPA.
  • Non-Queen's students: Following the grade release date you can request a transcript from the University Registrar. Transcripts will be sent automatically to students from partner universities.

Not sure which courses to pick? Why not consider the combinations below? The BISC's course clusters allow you to take complementary courses towards your chosen degree. You then choose two additional courses to a total of 15.0 units (see above). Our course offering is carefully curated to ensure all courses can be used to satisfty a variety of Major, Minor, and Medial plans.

  • Please note: Course offerings are subject to change for reasons including, but not limited to, enrolment numbers. Students will have access to academic advising services if changes impact their rsselections. 

Brighton beach looking east to westView of the British Airways i360 viewing tower and platform in Brighton

Experiential Learning Opportunities

You will participate in course-specific experiential learning opportunities. For example, the experiential and active learning activities that you will find embedded on your courses can lead you to:

  • Discover how to work with primary sources -medieval manuscripts-, using 21st century digitalisation and transcription software.
  • Participate in exciting collaborative international learning opportunities, in partnership with UK universities.
  • Experience traditional art museums under a different light, by discussing how colonialism shaped and funded national collections with experts.

The Dugald Stewart Monument in Edinburgh, ScotlandThe Dugald Stewart Monument in Edinburgh, Scotland

Mid-Term Trip

For Winter 2023, we are currently planning extended ELOs to Northern England and Scotland. Please stay tuned for updates and more information in the coming months.

Queen's Students

  • Make sure you meet the basic prerequisites:
    • Minimum 1.6 GPA
    • Good academic standing
    • Level 2 standing (by time program starts)
  • Request to change campus
  • Receive campus confirmation from Undergraduate Admission
  • Register in class on SOLUS (pre-reqs may apply to some courses)
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Non-Queen's Students

  • Make sure you meet the basic prerequisites for studying abroad at your home institution.
  • Apply online
  • Register online for your chosen program
  • Submit Letter of Permission
  • Accept your offer
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Take a look at our Winter Course Clusters:

What is a Letter of Permission?


A Letter of Permission (LOP) is an official document issued by your home institution. The LOP allows you to take courses for credit at the BISC for a specified semester/program, transferring the credits back to your home institution for the purpose of completing your university degree.

Your academic advisor or the person issuing the LOP will typically look at the course content and your current transcript to assess whether you will be academically prepared for the course/program. Pre-requisite courses listed on the BISC website are therefore not necessarily mandatory for non-Queen's students, but may be used as part of the assessment process by your home institution when granting an LOP.

We will also make admission decisions based on current transcripts, but please note that without an LOP you may not be able to transfer credits back to your home institution.

The Bader International Study Centre (Queen’s University, Canada) is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment that is fair, positive, and supportive for all members of our community.
We strive to ensure all members’ views are valued and shared in a secure environment through a commitment to upholding equity*, diversity**, inclusion***, and advancing indigenous initiatives.
The BISC supports the fair treatment and opportunity for all by asserting the importance of non-discriminatory treatment either directly or indirectly on the ground of age, disability, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.   

*Equity: Substantive fairness for everyone thereby ensuring that members of equity-seeking groups are able to achieve full participation in the university (BISC). 

**Diversity: The representation of the population with respect to designated groups. 

***Inclusion: The climate and acceptance of differences that comes with diversity i.e. different ways of living and working. 

Land acknowledgement: Queen’s University, Canada is situated on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory.

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