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Why Choose Us?

An intimate learning experience

When you study abroad at the BISC you will experience small class sizes: our average First Year class size is 18 and our average Upper Year class size is 10 students. The small class sizes allow for dialogue and debate which help with the development of your academic skills, such as critical thinking, analysis, and effective writing. You will experience a level of interaction with and support from faculty more usual in graduate settings.
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Experiential and active learning

You will learn in a variety of settings, not just in the classroom, but way beyond. All courses include classroom based activities such as lectures and seminars, and all involve experiential learning opportunities that will take you to exceptional places in the UK and Europe.
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So close to Europe

As part of your program you will experience different cultures and subcultures, and so develop an understanding of what it means to be part of a globalized world. You will also have opportunities to travel independently, with London being within two hours of the campus, and continental Europe being just half a day's travel away.
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Active engagement with the community

As part of a small community, you will be able to participate in a wide range of activities, such as choir, clubs, and intramurals. These will enable you to develop both your self-confidence and the life skills which will support you throughout university and into the workplace.
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Find your program

The BISC is a small, vibrant community, where all members are encouraged and supported to fulfil their academic potential and discover their place in the world. Come and be part of the community now and find the program that will lead you forwards on your academic journey!
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Where are we?

Discover East Sussex

The Castle

Bader International Study Centre
Herstmonceux Castle
Hailsham, East Sussex
United Kingdom, BN27 1RN
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Gordon Hall, 74 Union Street
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