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Archaeology Field School

Dates: May 10 2021 - June 17 2021
Apply by: April 1 2021

The Archaeology Field School at the Bader International Study Centre is an amazing opportunity for students interested in archaeology, or any student who wants to experience British archaeology and history! Over six weeks online you will take CLST 408/6.0 Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum. You can also choose to register in an additional course or in CLST 594, an independent study option for students who are interested in researching British archaeology further.

Experience Archaeology

The Bader International Study Centre offers the perfect environment for studying archaeology virtually. During the six-week program, you will have the opportunity to apply your studies to the first-ever excavation of Herstmonceux Castle’s Gamekeeper’s Lodge!
Expand your knowledge on guided virtual excursions to places like the Museum of London and British Museum, allowing you to broaden your perspective by experiencing key British heritage institutions

Course Highlights:

  • Accelerated: Gain 6.0 course credits or more in just six weeks
  • Experiential: Be a part of the Castle's ongoing story! Help literally break new ground and process the finds with 3D printed replicas
  • Fun: Students will form friendships quickly by working and exploring medieval history together
  • Personal: Get the BISC advantages of small class sizes and personalized learning

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The Gamekeeper's Lodge

Take part in a livestream of a new excavation at the site of the Castle’s Gamekeeper’s Lodge, circa 1440!

Take a tour of the dig site here:

Learn more about Medieval Sussex with History Professor Dr. Steven Bednarski!

Funding Opportunities

  • 5 x $900 DRAGEN Lab Scholarships available for registered Queen’s students
  • 5 x $900 DRAGEN Lab Scholarships available for registered University of Waterloo studies

To be considered for this award, students must register for CLST 408 prior to April 15th, 2021. Please note the course may reach capacity before this date.

Award recipients will be determined based on a student’s cumulative GPA and be applied directly to the students SOLUS account prior to the session start date.

You can find all other relevant financial information on our Fees page.

CLST 408/6.0 is an intensive six-week introduction to archaeological methods and interpretation. Over the course of the summer, you will study both Roman and Medieval Britain, and receive training in basic archaeological theory and techniques - all while virtually taking part in over 60 hours of live excavation. Students enrolled in the BISC's Archaeology Field School can also choose an additional 3.0 course from our robust summer offering, including Research 594, an independent study course in which you can undertake personal research under a supervisor. With a variety of courses available, applicable to a number of Majors, this is an outstanding opportunity to gain 6.0 credits or more in just six weeks and free up your Fall semester.

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There is also the opportunity for 3rd and 4th year students to take an Archaeology 594 research course, in which they undertake personal research projects under a supervisor (subject to Classics departmental approval). Any students interested in taking Archaeology 594 are advised to contact the Classics Department at Queen's as soon as possible. 

Virtual Experiential Learning Opportunities (VELOs)

You will have the opportunity to analyze the findings of the excavation of the Gamekeep's Lodge at Herstmonceux Castle to put your archaeological training into action! Plus, expand your knowledge on guided virtual excursions to places like the Museum of London and British Museum, allowing you to broaden your perspective through your experiences.Mithras

The London Mithraeum, Walbrook Street, City of London

Dr. Amelia Fairman

Our Field School Director – pictured here on an excavation in Luxor, Egypt – is archaeologist Amelia Fairman, MA who joins the BISC with a wealth of experience in both research and commercial archaeology. Under her direction, Field School students will:

♦ Receive training in basic archaeological theory and techniques

♦ Be introduced to experts and receive insights into archaeology as a profession

♦ Visit an archaeologists' office to understand how finds are processed and preserved

♦ Visit the British Museum virtually to see to see world famous archaeological finds

♦ Present your work at an End of Term conference and share your findings with the local community as you curate a cabinet in the BISC's Visitor Centre

♦ Learn key intercultural skills as well as research skills

♦ Add vital experience to your resume to give you the edge in applying for graduate school, or future employment

♦ Your fees cover 9.0 tuition creditsl, virtual experiential learning opportunities and accommodation PLUS all BISC services

♦ A generous Financial Aid package is available. Contact us for more information on how to apply. (The Castle's Summer +  term fits OSAP loan criteria for most students)

February 15: course enrolment opens

April 1: last day to apply for Archaeology Field School.

Queen's Students

    • Make sure you meet these basic prerequisites:
    • ♦ Minimum 1.6 GPA ♦ Good academic standing

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Non-Queen's Students

  • Make sure you meet the basic prerequisites for studying abroad at your home institution.
  • Apply online
  • Register online for your chosen program
  • Submit Letter of Permission
  • Accept your offer
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