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Dear Delegates, Chaperones, and Guests,

On behalf of the BMUN 2018 Secretariat it is my honour to invite you to the 1st session of Bader Model United Nations.

For the past months the secretariat team has worked tirelessly to devise a conference representing the core of MUN values; diplomacy, respect and learning. Our goal is to create an authentic experience for all delegates. The committees we have chosen to focus on were carefully hand picked based on the values of the BISC combined with a specific focus on issues relating to our constantly globalizing world.

The idea to organization a conference at the BISC was hatched based on the incredible location and individual circumstances of the secretariat. All students attending the Bader International Study centre come from different regions of the world, largely based from Canada. This demographic means that there is an opportunity to bring forward delegates from many parts of the world; have a conference planned by a group of Canadians (and one Bermudan), taking place in Southern England and opening it to Delegates from around the region.

Our location creates a truly distinct atmosphere for the conference, all committees will be held within Herstmonceux Castle. The castle was built in the 1500’s and over the years has become a symbol of the region. We would not have access to this incredible setting without the kindness of Dr. Alfred Bader. As a Jewish teenager fleeing the Nazi’s Bader recieved temporary refuge in England where he was sent to an internment camp in Quebec, Canada due to his Austrian heritage. Following his release he applied to Queens, was accepted and received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Dr. Bader went on to graduate from Harvard, eventually becoming a wildly successful philanthropologist and collector, gifting Herstmonceux Castle to Queens University upon his purchase of it. It is with his story that we base the core of this conference upon. Keeping in mind the importance of diplomacy and global collaboration is of key importance and is in essence the core of Model UN.

This conference would not have been possible without the support of the BISC staff, the secretariat, our supporters and mostly importantly the interest of our delegates. On behalf of all of us at BMUN we look forward to sharing this fantastic experience with you.


Rhianna Hamilton


Bader Model United Nations 2018

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