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Students should be aware that while they are on ELOs and other official trips they are representing the Bader International Study Centre and Queen's University and must adhere to the BISC Community Standards and Queen’s University Student Code of Conduct.

Do be mindful that you are in a cross-cultural situation on UK and Europe, so norms of behaviour and interactions with locals may be different from what you are used to. Understand that there may be misinterpretations in some situations.

Please pay full attention to guides and other speakers you encounter on ELOs; it is not acceptable to hold conversations while they are speaking. Make eye contact with speakers as they talk, and ask questions at the end of tours/presentations to show that you have engaged fully with what you have been taught. Remember to also thank speakers at the end of a session.

In a large group, please be considerate to the general public. Try not to block the sidewalk or hotel foyer to passers-by, an​d remember to talk at a volume that does not overwhelm other people in the area.

Certain EL activities or institutions will require a specific dress code. This will be indicated in the itinerary. Please, be careful to observe protocols of dress.

It is illegal in the UK and on the continent to consume alcohol and to smoke on coaches.

In all cases, you must observe the safety and emergency protocol, as well as the transportation policy while in an ELO.


Even while you are engaging in EL activities, please remain aware of your surroundings and take the usual care with traffic, personal belongings, etc. If something seems dangerous or unusual to you, let the staff member with you know as soon as you can.

If you feel threatened verbally or otherwise by a stranger, do not engage, and leave the area quickly. Trust your instincts!

Beware of pickpockets! Keep valuable possessions out of sight and do not carry your wallet in your back pocket or in the front of your backpack where you can’t see it. Also be very careful where you place your handbag when sitting down for lunch.

Watch your step and do not climb on buildings.

Be aware of scams that work by distraction: pickpockets sometimes try to rob you after bumping into you, sending a child up to you, or tapping on a restaurant window when you are dining inside.​

Emergency Protocol

In the event of an emergency while on a ELO, such as a bombing or other attack on the public, students and faculty must make their way on foot directly to our assembly point (the hotel while in overnight trips and the coach pick up point for day trips, unless it is specified otherwise in the itinerary), where a member of staff will go to meet you and arrange transport back to the Castle. 

In the event of the assembly point being unavailable or inaccessible, please ask a police officer how to proceed, go to the nearest police station for advice or to your home embassy (you will be allowed in if you carry your passport with you.)  

Then, if possible, call Castle Reception (01323 834 444) for information. Bear in mind that it may be impossible to contact a staff member by mobile phone, and that you may need to find a landline like a telephone booth.

All faculty and students MUST comply with this procedure under emergency circumstances so we can account for everyone on the trip as soon as possible and get them safely back to the castle.

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