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Castle Reads

Castle Reads has been created to bring the Castle community together through a shared love of literature. Each term we will focus on a single work, and come together to discuss the main themes. Castle Reads is open to all faculty, students and staff and it's never too late to join in! Pick up your free copy from the Library today! 

Castle Reads LogoTake the discussion online

Click the Castle Reads logo to be taken through to the brand new Castle Reads Forum. To help protect our site from spam, please note that all users will be asked to log on with their BISC username and password before they can comment on the discussion threads, or post topics of their own. Has the book moved you? Can you suggest another work that would interest those that enjoyed the book? Let us know via the Castle Reads Forum. 

To read and enjoy this term: 

John Hilliard, a young subaltern returning to the Western Front after a brief period of sick leave back in England blind to the horrors of the trenches, finds his battalion tragically altered. His commanding officer finds escape in alcohol, there is a new adjutant and even Hilliard's batman has been killed. But there is David Barton. As yet untouched and unsullied by war, radiating charm and common sense, forever writing long letters to his family. Theirs is a strange meeting and a strange relationship: the coming together of opposites in the summer lull before the inevitable storm.

1Strange Meeting by Susan Hill 

The feeling of men under appalling stress at a particular moment in history is communicated with almost uncanny power - Sunday Times.

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