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2019 DrummersBy accepting the offer of admission to the BISC program students have agreed to abide by the polices, rules, procedures and regulations of the BISC and Queen’s University’s including, but not limited to:

♦ the BISC Residence Agreement, ♦ Sexual Violence Policy, ♦ Student Code of Conduct or ♦ the Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Policy and Procedures.

Slight modifications to the procedures may be necessary to reflect the geographical location of the BISC and the resources and supports associated with it.

BISC Community Standards

The BISC Community Standards are guidelines and behavioural expectations that we live by to ensure the safety and security of our community. Through them, we expect residents to:

  • adopt a high standard of respect and tolerance towards fellow members of the BISC community;
  • respect their privacy and their need for safety and security; and
  • appreciate the requirement for a quiet atmosphere for study and adequate sleep.

Our Philosophy

Student Services has structured the student conduct process and the BISC Community Standards based on three principles determined by our colleagues in Residence on the Kingston campus:

  • Community Standards are remedial in nature and are therefore designed to educate students about their responsibilities as members of the residence community and the consequences of their actions.
  • The safety and security of every student is the responsibility of everyone in the BISC community.
  • The BISC is a community that values mutual respect of the rights, responsibilities, dignity, wellbeing, and academic pursuits of all members.

Goals of the Community Standards

  • Encourage students to make positive choices and accept responsibility for their behaviour.
  • Encourage students to resolve their own challenges in a mature and respectful manner.
  • Promote the safety and security of residence.

BISC Community Standards (PDF, 431KB)

Respect your Campus

We expect you to treat your room, residence building, and the estate responsibly. You are accountable for what takes place in your room and you will be held financially responsible for any damages.

Please be aware that although the BISC is part of Queen’s University, Canada, students will be subject to UK law. In some instances penalties may be different to those in your home country. The BISC Community Standards apply to all students anywhere on the BISC estate and on BISC-related activities.

For more information:

Assistant Student and Enrolment Services Manager,

Extension 4458,

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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