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Sanctions are designed to educate residents on the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. Residents found to be responsible for a Community Standards violation are subject to a range of sanctions. The Student Conduct Process is educational, remedial and progressive in nature. This means that any previous incidents a resident has been found responsible for will be considered when determining a sanction.

Listed below are examples of sanctions that may be used independently or in combination for any single incident. Other sanctions may be assigned at the discretion of the Case Manager. Failure to fully complete and/or submit a sanction by a specific deadline may result in additional sanctions being imposed.

Written Warning – a formal letter issuing a written caution to a resident found responsible of a Community Standards violation. The letter includes a direction that the conduct cease and not be repeated and a statement that more sever sanctions may be applied in the event of future misconduct.  The letter will be kept on an individual’s file and referred to if a future incident occurs.

Educational Assignment – a requirement to complete specific educational activities which allow residents the opportunity to reflect on the finding of responsibility and the impact it has on the community and themselves. This may include a project, written assignment, participation in an educational program, or a meeting with a University or public official. Educational assignments are not in any way academic penalties, and do not affect your academic record.

Behavioural Agreement – a formal document that requires a resident to meet specific behavioural standards based on an incident or series of incidents relating to inappropriate behaviour. The contract will outline consequences for failing to adhere to the conditions of the contract and will often accompany other sanctions such as an educational sanction, bond, or loss of privileges.

Restitution – any damage, clean-up, neglect, or replacement charges resulting from any incident or situation where a resident is found to be responsible. This includes any charges incurred by a guest or guests.

Loss of Privileges – a temporary or permanent loss of BISC privileges including but not limited to: hosting guests, access to a specific room, hallway, event, or common space, etc.

No Contact – A requirement that a Student have no direct or indirect contact (including, but not limited to in-person, phone, text, email, social media, through a third party etc.) with a specified individual, individuals or group.

Non-Academic Probation – Status imposed on a Student for a specified period of time who has a significant record of non-academic misconduct (e.g. because of several previous Standards violations or because of a Standards violation that compromised health, safety, or well-being of another person) during with the Student is not in good standing with the University and a further Code violation may result in a notice of Removal from Residence or Requirement to Withdraw.

Relocation – a permanent move from an assigned room to another as a result of an incident or series of incidents relating to inappropriate behaviour that may have caused disruption to the community and/or an individual. A sanction that prohibits access to the original room or corridor of occupation for a specified time period may also accompany the relocation. The resident will also be notified that further violations may result in removal from residence.

Removal from Residence / Requirement to Withdraw – the termination of the Residence Agreement as a result of an incident. A sanction that limits or prohibits access to residence for a specified time period may also accompany the removal from residence. Removal from residence at the BISC will necessarily result in the student being required to withdraw from their program at the BISC.

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