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Moving In

You are required to check in and check out formally at the beginning and end of occupancy at the residence front desk. Bader Hall opens at 9am for check-ins on the official arrival day. Early arrivals are not permitted. If you are travelling before checking in, you can store luggage in the residence building. Please speak with a member of staff at Bader Reception to arrange this: +44 1323 834400 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Moving Out

Bader Hall closes at 2pm on the published date of departure. All students will be required to have cleaned and vacated their rooms by this time. To check out of Bader Hall, simply hand in your key to the staff on duty.

Before you leave…

  • Close your windows, remove items from your windowsill and close your curtains
  • Clear away all items around your heat radiator (top and bottom)
  • Check your mailbox
  • Remove all your perishables from the communal refrigerator, but don’t unplug the fridge
  • Turn off all lights and unplug appliances such as your computer, stereo, clock, etc., in case of a power surge
  • Make sure that nothing is left hanging on the door lever or doorknob inside your room
  • Empty your garbage and look after your recycling before you leave.  Please clean any residue out of garbage and recycling receptacles and do not leave any food in your room
  • Take home any valuables with you
  • Return your key to Bader Reception on the day you leave
  • If you are leaving and not returning, make sure you have taken down any posters

Students on the path to Bader Hall smiling at the camera

Cleaning Charges

All charges for additional cleaning required, for removal of personal property and for any loss or damage caused by the resident(s) will be billed to resident(s).

Left Luggage

Belongings left behind upon Move-Out will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the Bader International Study Centre with no liability, unless alternative arrangements have been made. Prior arrangements may be made with Bader Reception for the storage of personal property for up to three months following the end of a term. Unclaimed property after the specified period shall be removed and disposed of by the BISC without liability unless additional arrangements have been made.

For more information please refer to the BISC Residence Agreement.

Holiday Closure Period

During the December-January campus closure period, no food, caretaking, mail delivery or other residence services are provided. You are not permitted to stay in Bader Hall during this period. BISC Wellness Services will not be available after the official departure day and until the official arrival day. A member of staff will be available at Bader Reception 24 hours a day at +44 1323 834400.

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