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Study abroad in the UK with Queen's University at the Bader International Study Centre

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Introducing BISC 100 and BISC 101...

Are you looking for engaging electives that will complement your degree plan? The Bader International Study Centre’s flagship courses BISC 100/3.0 Thinking Locally (Fall 2020) and BISC 101/3.0 Acting Globally (Winter 2021) are available online for the first time ever, and make perfect additions to many degrees!

These course explore major issues that shape our world with a critical, interdisciplinary approach, and give you the intercultural skills you need for success in our increasingly diverse, culturally-rich world!

* No course prerequisites * Available for the first time online to Queen's Arts & Science students on Kingston campus * Applicable to a variety of Majors * A versatile gateway course for First Year students and an exciting elective for Upper Year students * Featuring virtual ELOs, cross-cultural working, research from primary sources and a whole host of useful transferable skills! * Find these courses on SOLUS today! Apply an 'Undergraduate Online' filter to your search * Click the tiles below to learn more...*



Hugh Horton, Vice-Provost and Executive Director, BISC

Dr. Hugh Horton
Vice-Provost and Executive Director, BISC

In today's globalised society understanding how to live and work in different countries and cultures has never been more important.

The Bader International Study Centre is the UK campus of Queen's University, Canada providing the same academic quality as programs on our main campus in Kingston, Ontario. Our focus is on small class sizes, individual attention, and experiential learning opportunities throughout the UK and in Europe, developing the skillsets that today’s employers want, and which can be realised by pursuing an international degree: communication, intercultural relations, creativity, planning and teamwork. With an internationalized degree in your pocket, studying at the BISC is an undeniable opportunity to become more independent, gain a competitive edge and grow your potential career options.

Experiential Learning

Take your studies beyond the classroom with active and experiential learning in each course.

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Benefit from small class sizes, strong instructor-student support, a vibrant community, and close transport links to London, the UK, and Europe.

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