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We recommend you put together a rough budget for the time you are going to be at the Castle. Many of your expenses will be included in your fees (tuition, residence, most meals, field trips, etc.) but there are other incidental costs that will add up.  It is also a good idea to keep in mind that things generally cost more in Europe than they do in North America and many other parts of the world.

Day to day costs at the Castle vary enormously from one person to the next, and from week to week. The biggest factor affecting a weekly budget will be the number of Experiential Learning Opportunities and the amount of independent travel. For example, while the academic section of Experiential Learning Opportunities is included in your fees and a small packed lunch is provided, there can be large blocks of free time. For example, you may decide to duck out of the rain and get a cup of coffee, or use the tube to get back to the coach bus. These simple acts of grabbing a coffee and a cookie at the café, and purchasing a tube pass in London can add up to £10.

Monthly Budget

The budget below is for a typical month, and does not include any independent travel.

ItemCost (in £ GBP)
Laundry £20
Taxis £50
Additional food/drink on Experiential Learning Opportunities £50
Misc. food and drink £50
Entertainment £50
Phone £15
Personal expenses (e.g. hygiene products) £30
Total £265

When you're in the UK you may want to open a bank account. Our Money Matters section will tell you how to do this, and other ways to access money in the UK.

The following list provides estimates for some of the typical costs you will encounter while in the UK:

ItemCost (in £ GBP)
London Experiential Learning Opportunities* £10
Young Person’s Rail Card £30
Food and non-alcoholic drinks off campus £5-£20
Alcoholic drinks purchased at a pub £2-£4
Cinema (with valid student ID) £7
Haircuts £12-£100
1 night in a hostel dorm room (booked in advanced) £12-£30
Laundry at Bader Hall £2.50 to wash £1 per dry cycle
Books £150 (for all courses, for the year)

*Average approximate allowance per day.

Weeks with few Experiential Learning Opportunities provide opportunities for independent travel. There are several small Castle shuttle buses (known as minibuses in the UK) that provide access to local towns and amenities. If you want to go out at night or travel further afield you will need to pay for a taxi as the Castle has no public transport links and it is too far to walk anywhere other than to the village of Herstmonceux. Taxis are expensive in England – it will cost £35-£40 for a round-trip for 4 people to get to Brighton, the nearest city. Sharing a taxi is a great way to reduce costs!

A taxi to the smaller towns, such as Eastbourne or Hailsham, will cost around £20-£30 in comparison. Many students choose to travel to the Continent, as a flight can cost as little as £40-£60; however, once you factor in transportation to and from airports, accommodation and meals, it would be difficult to fund a Continental weekend trip for less than £150-£200.

ItemCost (in £ GBP)
One-way taxi to nearest train station (Polegate Station) £16 (between 7:00 & 24:00)
Return taxi to Brighton (for up to four people) £40
Taxi to Gatwick/Heathrow/Stansted Airport* £60/£100/£125
Return train fare to London (with a Young Person’s Rail Card) £20
1-Day Zone 1 to 4 London Travelcard £12.30 for a day pass (off-peak and anytime)
£4.90 for a single ticket
OR Oyster Card  £5.00 refundable deposit

* Average, for up to four people.
** Average - you can sometimes get tickets a lot cheaper by booking in advance.
*** You can add as much money as you need to travel (card does not expire). Fares are often reduced by 50%.

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