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Queen's University

  • Welcome to the BISC!

    Welcome to the BISC!

    The Bader International Study Centre is the UK campus of Queen's University, Canada - based at historic Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex.

  • ELOs

    Leave the classroom behind!

    Our exciting Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are a feature of every program that we offer. Learn by going! Visit museums, galleries, or take a guided tour through the streets of London.

    The BISC firmly believes in learning that goes beyond the classroom.

  • Programs

    Choose the program that suits you

    First Years can spend a full year at the castle in our Arts, Science, or Con-Ed streams. Upper Years can take advantage of our course clusters in the Fall, Summer, or Winter terms.

    All students benefit from our small class sizes and personal contact with our professors.

  • Campus

    A vibrant, friendly campus

    All students live on the castle estate itself in our Hall of Residence, Bader Hall. The BISC is a small community that prides itself on its sense of inclusiveness and diversity. And with over 30 ratified student clubs, there's no excuse not to get involved!

    Find us on Twitter @QueensBISC #BISCLife

  • Castle

    A unique Study Abroad opportunity

    The 15th century castle of Herstmonceux will be your classroom. Nestled in the English countryside, with easy transport links to Brighton and London, the BISC is your gateway to the UK and beyond. Apply today!


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