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[arial view of campus]

Campus Map

Accessibility Information

Map Development

The campus map has been built upon a platform of accessibility with the intent that users of all abilities and operating systems can retrieve wayfinding information for Queen's University buildings and departments, both on and off campus.

Elements of our accessible design include:

  • Graceful degradation of JavaScript
  • External links open within same browser window according to W3C standards
  • Descriptive alt tags for visually-impaired users
  • Functionality and navigation still available for users of adaptive technology
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform tested
  • W3C compliant HTML code

For more information on accessible design please visit Queen's Web Standards and Accessibility Guide.

Building Accessibility

Users can check the wheelchair access box (found above the map image) to display wheelchair access logos on buildings that are known to be accessible.

Accessibility information for many campus buildings has been documented in the Campus Accessibility Guide.

To access that information from the campus map, use the "List Buildings" link (in the top left corner of the page) to list all buildings. Where there is an entry for a building on the Campus Accessibility Guide, the building name in the list is followed by a linked "wheelchair information" logo. Individual building information can also be called by clicking on the building outline on the map image.

For users of screen readers, the building list is available on the main page of the map in alphabetical order. Navigate to the building link for more details on the particular building.

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