CARE Alert System

CARE Alert System

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Submit a CARE Alert

Designated Faculty and Staff will be able to submit a CARE Alert using an online form by October 2019.

If there is a concern about a student, please contact:

 Assistant Dean, Support Services and Community Engagement


Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 78093 or ext. 77590

Information about submitting a CARE Alert

Who can submit a CARE Alert?
At this time, only designated faculty and staff can utilize the CARE alert system.  Broader access to the CARE Alert System will be a consideration in the future.
How is a CARE ALERT submitted?
A secure case management software is used to submit a CARE Alert.
What about a student's privacy?
The CARE Alert system provides a secure way for concerns to be identified, triaged and responded to by those who are in the best position to support the student. If you have a question about privacy, please contact us.
Will anything be noted on a transcript?
No. The CARE Alert system is closed and all information is kept confidential.
What if a student doesn’t want to be contacted or referred?
Part of being in a caring community is understanding that people are encouraged to reach out when they see someone having difficulties. The success of students is all of our responsibility and we encourage our community members to be responsive to students needs and struggles. Students are not able to “opt out;” but, students can always choose what resources they access, who they connect with, and/or the extent of their engagement.
Does a CARE Alert replace a referral to Student Wellness Services?
No. Faculty and staff are always encouraged to provide referrals to Student Wellness Services and other resources on campus. The CARE Alert System is not intended to replace referrals to resources. Rather, CARE Alerts are intended to add to the overall strategy in supporting students who are struggling and need connections to various resources.