CARE Referral Program

The CARE Referral Program helps to support students by getting them referred to resources early on. The program relies on campus community members or “CARE Connectors" (e.g. academic advisors, coaches, residence life staff ) to help connect students who may be facing difficulties, either academically or personally, to resources and support services. 

How does the CARE Referral Program work?


  1. Concern: A faculty or staff member notices a student who is having difficulties or is in distress
  2. Care: They will then identify this concern by contacting the CARE Referral Program at Care Referrals are reviewed by an Intake Coordinator who will then help to identify an appropriate campus resource to connect with the student, meaning a staff member who acts as a Care Connector. If the concern is determined to be best handled by the Assessment and Care Team (ACT), the Intake Coordinator will provide the information to the Coordinator of ACT.
  3. Connect: The CARE Connector will reach out to the student and offer support or referrals to other resources to help support their success

CARE Connectors provide the following services:

  • Helping students find ways to set goals and overcome obstacles to achieving them
  • Finding ways to help students expand their support group and find the tools and resources they need to be successful at reaching their goals
  • A listening ear to offer support and guidance in understanding and coping with stress and obstacles
  • Assistance reaching academic goals and developing the skills they need to be a successful student