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The CIDP is one of Canada’s most active research centres on international security and defence policy issues. Located in the School of Policy Studies, we are committed to contributing to informed public discussion of issues in military affairs and alliances, international security, and Canadian foreign and defence policy.  Our rich and diverse team of fellows, drawn from Kingston’s two universities and beyond, include active military Visiting Defence Fellows from NATO allied forces. For more on the Centre...

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Now I am Panicking (a bit): The death of Soleimani and what it means for Canada

By H. Christian Breede

Tactically, as allies of the United States, the attack places Canada in the cross-hairs of a potential Iranian retaliation. As Michel Juneau recently pointed out, Iranian retaliation will likely come in the form of an indirect or asymmetric attack on American allies. A direct military response is unlikely. As a result of this, the Department of National Defence recently announced that Canadian soldiers deployed in the region would suspend operations and focus on “force protection measures.” This decision recognizes the added uncertainty brought about by this high-level targeted killing. 

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