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Centre for International and Defence Policy

Canadian-American Defence Relations

The following links are recommended readings for individuals who seek to better understand current issues in Canada-U.S. defence and security relations with emphasis upon the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), ballistic missile defence, and the Arctic. Special emphasis has been put upon the inclusion of U.S.-sourced documents and analysis in order to place bilateral North American defence relations in the larger context of American national security policy.

Thomas Hughes


Statement of General Lori J. Robinson, United States Air Force.  Commander, United States Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command before the Senate Armed Services Committee, 6 April 2017

Andrea Charon and James Ferguson, Beyond NORAD and Modernization to North American Defence Evolution, Canadian Global Affairs Institute, May 2017

Admiral Gortney's Posture Statement 2016

Admiral Gortney’s Posture Statement 2015

NORAD in Perpetuity? University of Manitoba

NORAD Maritime Warning Mission, University of Manitoba

Vice Admiral Syring before the House Armed Services Committee

Tri-Command Training and Exercise Statement of Intent

2012 Civil Assistance Plan

Ballistic Missile Defence

Missile Defense 2020 Next Steps for Defending the Homeland, Principal Authors Thomas Karako, Ian Williams. Contributing Authors, Wes Rumbaugh  A Report of the CISS  Missie Defense Project. Center for International and Defense Policy, Washington D.C.  April 2017

HOMELAND DEFENSE: Continued Actions Needed to Improve Management of Air Sovereignty Alert Operations, Government Accountability Office

Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat, National Air and Space Intelligence Center

Missile Defense: Assessment of DOD’s Reports on Status of Efforts and Options for Improving Homeland Missile Defense, Government Accountability Office

US-Canada Space Surveillance Cooperation, a pair of news articles

Canadian Forces Put Their First Satellite in Orbit 

The Arctic

Russia's Arctic Security Policy: Still Quiet in the High North, Sipri Policy Paper 45

Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress, Congressional Research Service, Ronald O’Rourke

Tri-Command Framework for Arctic Cooperation

Looking North, Wikistrat

Further background readings

Anderson, Greg and Sands, Christopher, Eds., Forgotten Partnership Redux: Canada-U.S. Relations in the 21st Century (Amherst, N.Y: Cambria Press, 2012), Introduction, Chapters 3-4, 6. 

Canada, Department of National Defence, Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy (Ottawa, 2017)

Hook, Richard, Ed. Chartering A Course: Strategic Choices for a New Administration (Washington, D.C.: National Defense University Press, 2016)

McDonough, David, S., Ed., Canada’s National Security in the Post 9/11 World: Strategy, Interests and Threats, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012), Chapters 4-6. 

Kathleen McInnis et al., The North Korean Nuclear Challenge: Military Options and Issues for Congress, Congressional Research Service, 27 October 2017

Thompson, John Herd and Randall, Stephen J., Canada and the United States: Ambivalent Allies, 4th Edition (Athens, Georgia: University of Georgia Press, 2008), Chapters 8, 11.