Centre for International and Defence Policy

Centre for International and Defence Policy
Centre for International and Defence Policy

8th Annual Workshop for Women in International Security-Canada
[WIIS-C 2015]

Rethinking Foreign and Defence Policy in Canada:
A decade after the International Policy Statement

Wednesday, 27 May - Friday, 29 May 2015

Kinnear Room/Atrium, Goodes Hall,  Queen's University, Kingston 


Women in International Security (WIIS)-Canada and the Centre for International and Defence Policy at Queen's University are pleased to support the 8th annual WIIS-Canada workshop. The workshop brings together students, scholars, and professionals in the field of international affairs and security with the goal of advancing the position of women in the field.

The workshop is an opportunity for graduate students to join a growing network of Canadian scholars and professionals working in the areas of security and defence policy and international affairs. The program is articulated around three main activities to train the next generation of security and international affairs experts: topical panels and roundtables, networking opportunities, and skill-building seminars. Each student participant will also be paired with a mentor, a senior-level professional with similar topical interests from academia, government, the private sector, the military, or a non-governmental organization.

Students will participate as either presenters or observers. For the research portion of the workshop, graduate students have submitted proposals broadly relating to the conference theme, rethinking foreign and defence policy in Canada, which encourages new approaches to discussing and understanding Canada's place in the world. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Canada-US relations
  • Multilateralism and internationalism
  • Whither CIDA? - Canada's international development policy
  • Canadian security capabilities and partnerships
  • Foreign policy as trade policy
  • Canada as an 'energy superpower"?
  • Canada in the Asia Pacific
  • New ways of thinking about Canada's place the world
  • Diaspora populations and other domestic interest groups


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Department of National Defence, Defence Engagement Program
Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP) at Queen's University
School of Policy Studies, Queen's University
Department of Political Studies, Queen's University

Centre sur la sécurité  international,  L'Université Laval
Society of Graduate and Professional Students, Queen's University
NATO/Atlantic Council of Canada

Royal Military College of Canada