Centre for International and Defence Policy

Centre for International and Defence Policy
Centre for International and Defence Policy

2006-2007 Seminars

17 May 2007:   Guest: Kemal Kirisci, Director of European Studies Center and Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul
"Turkey's European transformation and its Impact on Regional Security"

11 April 2007: Guest: Ulrich Petersohn, Visiting Research Fellow, QCIR
"The Use of Private Military Companies by the Bundeswehr"

14 March 2007: Guest: LCol Matthew Glunz, US Army
"The Bi-national Framework for US-Canada Security and Defence Cooperation"

28 March 2007: Guest: LCol Michael English & Co., Directorate of Land Strategic Concepts, Canadian Forces
"The Army of the Tomorrow"

14 February 2007: Guest: Anthony V. Obeng, (ret) FAO Head OAU/ECA Liaison Unit, Ethiopia
"Defence, Development and Diplomacy in the Age of Globalization: An African Perspective"

28 February 2007: Guest: Phil C.W. Chan, Visiting Scholar/Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
"Human Rights Dialogues with China through Trade: Where to Begin?"

10 January 2007: Guest: Dr. Richard Gimblett, Canadian Navy Command Historian, National Defence
"Coalition Naval Command: A Canadian Naval Niche"

24 January 2007: Guest: Dr. Joseph Jockel, Canadian Studies Program, St. Lawrence University
"Canada in NORAD 1957 - 2007: A History"

5 December 2006: Guest: Dr. Pierre Jolicoeur, Queen's University
"The International Sources of the Russo-Georgian Crisis"

8 November 2006: Guest: Carol McQueen, Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Group, Foreign Affairs Canada
"Making the Democratic Republic of Congo Safe: MONUC and the Robust Use of Force in UN Peacekeeping Operations"

22 November 2006: Guest: Dr. Sean Kay, Strategic Studies, Ohio Wesleyan University
"NATO in Afghanistran"

3 October 2006: Guest: Dr. Franz Kernic, University of Innsbruck
"Recent Trends inAustria's Security and Defence Policy"

17 October 2006: Guest: Dr. Karsten Voigt, Coordinator for German-American Cooperation, Federal Republic of Germany
"Germany's New International Role in a World with Global and Regional Challenges"

25 October 2006: Guest: Dr. Sean Maloney, War Studies Program, Royal Military College of Canada
"Canadian Operations in Afghanistan: the Summer of Campaign of 2006"

13 September 2006: Guest: Andy Tamas, Tamas Consultants, UNDP Development Team
"Development-Miitary Collaboration in Counter-Insurgency Campaigns: Challenge of the New Reality"

27 September 2006: Guest: Dr. Oded Haklai, Department Political Studies, Queen's University
"Domestic Influence on the Conflict and Peace-making in the Middle East"