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Gender Lab Projects

General Consulting

The Gender Lab has consulted on multiple projects and events to provide Gender Based Analysis plus (G.B.A.+), and other unique insights to our partners and affiliates. If you would like consulting services from the Gender Lab, or to collaborate on project with us, please email: CIDPGenderLab@queensu.ca with your request! 

The ERA Project

On June 11, 2015, the Government of Ontario awarded CIDP Director Dr. Stéfanie von Hlatky with an Early Researcher Award, consisting of a funding package of $140,000.00 over 5 years.  

The project focuses on the large role that the Canadian Armed Forces play in Ontario, and why it is imperative to understand the interactions between the women and men who serve on Ontario military bases.

It aims to connect the different professional experiences of women and men while in the military to their professional experiences after the military, while taking into account the changing demographics of the Canadian veteran population

ERA in 2019

2019 marks one of the final years of our project. Focus groups wrapped up in 2019, and our team begin the long process of transcribing, coding, and drawing our conclusions. Some of the insights from the project were explore at our 2019 Gender Dimension of Veteran Transition workshop, and the team is currently working on publications, and exploring other avenues to disseminate our findings. 

In November and December, our team also presented to schools with Beyond Classrooms, continuing the Gender Lab’s commitment to community involvement. 

Beyond Classrooms

ERA researcher Meghan Shoemaker presents to students

The Gender Lab has a sustained partnership with Beyond Classrooms, an organization which moves classroom experiences into community spaces. Since 2016, our team has worked with Beyond Classrooms to present primary and middle schoolers on women in the military throughout history and today. 

Veteran Service Provider Internship

The Veteran Service Provider Internship, supported by the Centre for International and Defence Policy and the Queen’s University International Affairs Association established a mutually beneficial program between veteran service providers across Canada and Queen’s University. This internship was funded as a way to strengthen the research skills of students, while supporting the essential services and programs provided to Canadian military veterans by service providers. The internships played a vital role in both the professional development of Queen’s University students as well as supporting the important mandate of veteran service providers across Canada.