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Gender Lab Events

The Gender Lab hosts regular events, as well as special events in collaboration with institutions at Queen’s and beyond. If you are interested in collaborating, don’t hesitate to reach out at CIDPGenderLab@queensu.ca.  

Roundtable - Women in the CAF: Getting to 25%

November 26th, 2020

The preliminary results of the MINDS TEG grant “Getting to 25% in the CAF: A Critical Analysis of Recruitment Efforts Targeting Women” were presented at a roundtable which included DND and CAF members as well as the research team. Participants were invited to discuss the results and offer guidance for future directions of research. The presenters and participants engaged in a dialogue about how results of the studies may help with the creation of a mentorship program for women, how communication can be opened with the media around their framing of the CAF, the role of intersectionality, and the effect of COVID-19 on ad campaigns and recruiting in general. The research team will work to incorporate suggestions and continue to next phases of study which involve deeper analysis and repeated experiments.

The Gendered Dimension of Veteran Transition

The province of Ontario has been identified as a hub for currently serving Canadian military personnel, as well as for veterans. While the federal government manages a number of services available to current and former military personnel, the province of Ontario has a shared responsibility in ensuring that veterans seeking to live and work in the region are able to access comprehensive transitional support. The transition services which are currently available tend to focus on the general provision of physical and mental rehabilitation services. However, to ensure that military personnel are successful when the re-integrate into civilian life – particularly in a professional context – it necessitates the inclusion of job retraining and professional mentorship for transition initiatives. Moreover, services have a tendency to overlook the differing needs of male and female veterans; as both men and women transition out of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and into civilian life, they are often faced with unique challenges which should be addressed by transition services. 

The CIDP, through the Gender Lab, has been running a workshop on veteran transition for the past three years. This workshop focusses on the experiences of women in the military and is directly engaged in mentoring women during their transition to civilian life. The event pairs active mentorship with academic inquiry, and holds panels which focus on lived experiences and policy solutions.  

If you or anyone you know may be interested in participating in future mentorship programs or events, please contact CIDPGenderLab@queensu.ca.  

2019: The Gendered Dimensions of Veteran Transition Workshop: Intersectionality of Experiences

On October 24th and 25th 2019, the CIDP’s Gender Lab, in collaboration with the Defence Engagement program and Service Women’s Salute (SWS), hosted its third annual workshop. The workshop featured a mentorship session on the 24th, and a discussion on the 25th. These events brought together experts, veterans, and service members to discuss the multifaceted experience of the transition from military to civilian life.  

The mentorship session, hosted with guidance of SWS, brought together thirty participants to engage in a workshop on creating networks of mentorship. This session culminated in a networking where participants practiced their newly acquired skills.  

The discussion on the 25th began with a fireside session on positive experiences of transition. Next, a panel presented on intersectional approaches to transition. After lunch, the third panel explored civilian encounters with transition and forged positive recommendations for interactions between these populations. Finally, the discussion ended with a panel on the complex relationship between the transition process and the family. 

2018: Gender Dimension of Veteran Transition Workshop and Mentorship Program

The CIDP in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research was pleased to present the second annual Gender Dimension of Veteran Transition Workshop and Mentorship Program on May 11-12, 2018. Day 1 of the workshop (May 11, 2018) consisted of academic-focused panel presentations, with select papers being developed into a Special Edition with the Journal for Military, Veteran and Family Health.  Day 2 of the workshop (May 12, 2018) consisted of the Mentorship Program and Professional Development breakout sessions for women veterans or women in the process of transitioning to civilian life. The Mentorship Program and Professional Development Day featured multiple employers and seminars. This workshop was hosted in collaboration with the Defence Engagement Program, and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. 

Workshop Final Report 

Veteran Mentorship Toolkit

2017: Gender Dimension of Veteran Transition Workshop and Mentorship Program

Ultimately, successful transition strategies must consider women’s role in society not only as servicewomen, but as women seeking professional advancement. For this reason, last year's workshop sought to identify challenges in service provisions for female veterans, while providing recommendations to assist service providers aiding transitioning female veterans. Consequently, the purpose of this workshop was two-fold. First, stakeholders from across Canada and the United States were brought together in an effort to bridge the gap between government and non-governmental actors. Second, a mentorship pilot program connected a number of transitioning or recently transitioned female CAF personnel to mentors who have backgrounds in business, academia, service, and the Canadian military, and who had successfully transitioned to civilian life. This workshop was a valuable asset to service providers, government officials, military personnel, academic researchers, and perhaps most importantly, the female veterans in transition. This workshop was hosted in collaboration with Canada Company, the Defence Engagement Program, and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.  

Workshop Final Report

Event Program

Gender Mainstreaming in the Canadian Armed Forces: Benchmarking with NATO Allies and Partners

This workshop was held on Friday, November 13 at Queen's University in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, and the Defence Enagement Program.  

2015 marked the 15th anniversary of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, which seeks to better integrate women in every phase of conflict resolution. This workshop focused on the implementation of gender balancing and mainstreaming initiatives under the banner of the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. With discussions ranging in topics from gender perspectives and policy making in international security, gender and pre-deployment training, and benchmarking gender mainstreaming initiatives across NATO allies, this workshop provided policy recommendations helped fill the gap in relevant scholarship on the effectiveness of women’s participation in the security and defence sector.