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Gender Lab Projects

General Consulting

The Gender Lab has consulted on multiple projects and events to provide Gender Based Analysis plus (G.B.A.+), and other unique insights to our partners and affiliates. If you would like consulting services from the Gender Lab, or to collaborate on project with us, please email: CIDPGenderLab@queensu.ca with your request! 

MINDS TEG Grant 2021 - Tracking and Identifying Women Peace and Security Research

This project proposes to map the current expertise on Women, Peace, and Security expertise across Canada. This includes academic expertise, as well as governmental and military expertise, activists, and not-for-profit organizations. A database of WPS projects will be created in order for policymakers to better draw on Canadian WPS research. Additionally, this project will interview individuals at all levels of the WPS field to find out about funding gaps, mentorship gaps, and other needs of academics and practitioners. Bibi Imre-Millei is the principal investigator for this grant, building off an earlier contract in 2020 to research WPS expertise in Canada, funded by the Dallaire Centre of Excellence for Peace and Security.

The Development of a Gender-Informed, Culturally Competent Mentorship Program for Women in the Canadian Armed Forces 

This project is part of Dr. Linna Tam-Setto's post-doctoral research at the Gender Lab. Dr. Tam-Seto’s research will be the development of a gender-informed, culturally competent mentorship program to support servicewomen within the Canadian Armed Forces. A culturally competent mentorship program is grounded in the assumption that mentors and mentees bring with them their collective identities and respective cultures which informs the roles, expectations, and nature of their mentorship relationship. In order for programs to be effective and successful in meeting organizational and individual needs of both mentees and mentors, specific considerations, such as these, are necessary in development and implementation. The project will use a variety of data collection methods to create a framework that will guide the development of a mentorship program which will include educational and resource materials for both mentors and mentees

MINDS TEG Grant 2020 - Women's Integration in the Military: Optimizing the CAF’s Career Cycle

This project’s objective is to perform a systematic examination of changing gender relations within the CAF by focusing on different phases of the military career cycle: recruitment, training, operations and military-to-civilian transitions. It proposes to assess policy initiatives that have been implemented in Canada to understand the conditions under which these are successful in recruiting, retaining and better integrating women in the military. Moreover, this project broadly examines successful strategies for recruitment of retention of all demographics in the CAF primary reserve, by engaging with reservists in Ontario.

View our interview questions here

MINDS TEG Grant 2020 - Getting to 25% in the CAF: A Critical Analysis of Recruitment Efforts Targeting Women

Collaborative Grant with Dr. Laurence Ashworth and Dr. Tandy Thomas from the Smith School of Business and Bob Marketing Agency, Montreal, Quebec.

This project examines CAF recruitment efforts through their recruitment activities national advertisement campaign and official communication issued by DND or senior CAF members about meeting the 25% target and why. The rationales offered in support of the target are of particular importance. Our research team investigates whether past and current public relations strategies are effective in the recruitment of women, and in positioning the CAF as an employer of choice for women. Recruitment activities were explored from three angles. Dr. Stéfanie von Hlatky and Dr. Laurence Ashworth conducted experiments using recruitment advertisements.

The second angle was explored by Dr. Tandy Thomas who analysed media discourses on gender and the CAF in Canadian newspapers between 2000 and 2020. Bob explored how to attract women to the CAF and encourage them to consider the CAF as a viable option.

Young MINDS TEG Grant 2020 - Applying an Intersectional Lens to Analysis of Sexual Misconduct in the CAF

Violence against Indigenous women is a Canada-wide issue that extends well beyond the confines of the military and this project aims to situate violence against Indigenous women in the CAF in this broader cultural context. The primary questions underpinning this research project are; what are the factors that explain higher instances of sexual violence against Indigenous service members? And, what would an effective, intersectional sexual violence policy look like in the context of the CAF? This project is led by Gender Lab RA, Anna McAlpine, and is also part of her undergraduate thesis work. 

The ERA Project

On June 11, 2015, the Government of Ontario awarded CIDP Director Dr. Stéfanie von Hlatky with an Early Researcher Award, consisting of a funding package of $140,000.00 over 5 years. This was the founding grant for the Gender Lab. 

The project focused on the large role that the Canadian Armed Forces play in Ontario, and why it is imperative to understand the interactions between the women and men who serve on Ontario military bases. It aimed to connect the different professional experiences of women and men while in the military to their professional experiences after the military, while taking into account the changing demographics of the Canadian veteran population. The project included ten focus groups with both female and male identifying veterans from across Ontario. Keep an eye on this page for project outputs. 

Beyond Classrooms

ERA researcher Meghan Shoemaker presents to students

The Gender Lab has a sustained partnership with Beyond Classrooms, an organization which moves classroom experiences into community spaces. Since 2016, our team has worked with Beyond Classrooms to present primary and middle schoolers on women in the military throughout history and today. 

Veteran Service Provider Internship

The Veteran Service Provider Internship, supported by the Centre for International and Defence Policy and the Queen’s University International Affairs Association established a mutually beneficial program between veteran service providers across Canada and Queen’s University. This internship was funded as a way to strengthen the research skills of students, while supporting the essential services and programs provided to Canadian military veterans by service providers. The internships played a vital role in both the professional development of Queen’s University students as well as supporting the important mandate of veteran service providers across Canada.