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Centre for International and Defence Policy
C.P. Champion photo, 2020

C.P. Champion, PhD, FRCGS


C.P. Champion, PhD, FRCGS, served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of National Defence (2015) and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (2008-2013). He is the author of Relentless Struggle: Saving the Army Reserve 1995-2019 (Durnovaria, 2019) and The Strange Demise of British Canada: The Liberals and Canadian Nationalism 1964-1968 (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2010). He edits The Dorchester Review, a semi-annual, semi-academic journal of history and historical commentary which he founded in 2011. He has lectured at McGill University, Concordia University, and the University of Ottawa. In 2012 he was invited to speak on Canada's indelible British character, the topic of his first book, at the Centre for Canadian Studies at Aarhus University in Denmark. He has worked as a news reporter at a weekly newsmagazine in Alberta, and as a researcher for the federal Opposition in the 1990s. He has recently served as one of many consultants on developing new school curricula in Alberta. 

Born in Calgary to parents who were immigrants from the Netherlands and the UK, the family lived in Holland for a few years before returning to B.C. He was educated at the University of British Columbia; Magdalene College, Cambridge; and McGill University.

At the age of 46 he joined the Army Reserve as a Private and during the writing of his second book completed infantry training with the rank of Guardsman, and three 21-km Army Runs. He has travelled in over a dozen countries, and enjoys skiing, cooking, marksmanship, dogwalking, and learning Italian. He was appointed a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for International and Defence Policy at Queen's University in 2020-21. In view of the current Strong Secure Engaged defence policy, he will examine what a renewed commitment to deterrence might look like in Canadian defence.

Current Interests/Research:

  • Deterrence in Canadian Defence Policy
  • Strengthening the CAF Army Reserve
  • Introducing a new Social Studies curriculum in the Province of Alberta