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Centre for International and Defence Policy
Centre for International and Defence Policy

The Veteran Service Provider Internship 

The Veteran Service Provider Internship, supported by the Centre for International and Defence Policy and the Queen’s University International Affairs Association established a mutually beneficial program between veteran service providers across Canada and Queen’s University. This internship was funded as a way to strengthen the research skills of students, while supporting the essential services and programs provided to Canadian military veterans by service providers. The internships played a vital role in both the professional development of Queen’s University students as well as supporting the important mandate of veteran service providers across Canada.

Download the 2017 Prospective Internship Guide [PDF 1.4mb]


The objectives of the internship were two-fold and sought to benefit both veteran service providers as well as Queen’s University students’ professional and research experience.

For Service Providers

  • To build lasting connections between Queen’s University and veteran service providers.
  • Offer research assistance to veteran service providers to benefit the organization’s mission and goals.
  • Increase deliverables with a summer intern from Queen’s
  • Participate in the training of the next generation of professionals in veteran services.

For Queen’s University Students

  • Familiarize Queen’s students with veteran service providers across Canada, building expertise and awareness in the process. 
  • Gain essential skills and experience to further students’ understanding of the military and/or veterans’ affairs.