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Stéfanie von Hlatky is the 2018 recipient of the Nichola Goddard 'Game Changer' Award  

Friday, 2 November 2018
CDA Institute

Stéfanie von Hlatky receiving the Capt Nicola Goddard Award at the Vimy Gala, Nov 2, 2018
Professor Stéfanie von Hlatky, recieving the 2018 Captain Nichola Goddard Award, awarded by the CDA Institute.


"Canada was a pioneer when it came to opening up all roles to women in the military. When other countries’ armed forces followed suit, they looked to Canada for guidance. But like this award, recognition comes with responsibility. A responsibility to work our hardest, to push the boundaries even when the burden of change feels heavy and to empower the next generation to beat us at it."

For the full text of Dr. von Hlakty's speech go to: https://cdainstitute.ca/2018-captain-nichola-goddard-award-acceptance-speech/

Dr. Stéfanie von Hlatky has distinguished herself as an exceptionally talented, accomplished, and valued academic leader, whose successful engagement in policy­ relevant scholarship in the field of defence and security is already making a ground­breaking impact. A thoughtful communicator, she has developed a form of academic leadership that combines cutting-edge research on defence and security with highly effective ways of communicating her findings to the government and the military. As a policy advisor, academic and as a woman, she is making a significant difference in the content and nature of discussion for Canadian security and defence.

Quickly establishing herself early in her academic career, Dr. von Hlatky has already made major contributions to the study of alliances and Canadian defence. Author of an Oxford-published book and three edited volumes, not to mention articles in peer-reviewed journals, plus publications in policy-relevant outlets, she is a leading voice in Canadian defence studies, and recognised as one of the sharpest, most articulate, and most insightful scholars in the field. Appointed the first woman Director in the 43-year history of the Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP), under her leadership the CIDP has expanded its activities and gained international recognition, earning a spot on the University of Pennsylvania’s coveted “Global Go To Think Tank Index”.

Regularly consulted by Parliament, in the media and on panels across the country on defence issues including gender in the Canadian Armed Forces and alliance politics, she has become a necessary resource for debates on improving the role of and situations faced by women in the CAF and Canada’s involvement within NATO. This influence extends well beyond Canada; she has become one of the few experts on military affairs outside of those in government or military forces to brief at the NATO Committee of Deputy Ambassadors and is a central player in NATO’s efforts to build a better environment for all genders within the alliance. This includes a ground-breaking on-line gender awareness programme that has captured the active support of the NATO ambassadors. Dr. von Hlatky’s pragmatic and rigorous approach has made a real difference within NATO on advancing the success of the UN Women, Peace and Security initiative.

Professor von Hlatky is a leader not just in defence scholarship, but in improving the visibility and advancement of women in academia, in the Canadian military and at NATO. In 2008, she founded Women in International Security-Canada (WIIS-Canada), which mentors the next generation of female defence scholars and advocates for women in this field. This organization has been dedicated to increasing the participation of Canadian women in the defence and security sector and the armed forces. Due to her efforts, WIIS-Canada has quickly become the go-to partner for any effort seeking to advance diversity and representation in the Canadian defence community.

It is evident that in the military community and beyond, Dr. von Hlatky is recognized as a leading scholar on Canadian defence policy, NATO and gender who uses her position to lift up others, to highlight the work of those who have been marginalized, and to improve the professional culture in the security and defence field. It is a remarkable list of achievements for a young Canadian academic that sets a tremendous example for Canadian men and women to follow.  (https://cdainstitute.ca/awards/nichola-goddard-game-changer-award/2018-recipient-professor-stefanie-von-hlatky/)