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Centre for International and Defence Policy

Congratulations to Stéphanie Martel's appointment as co-lead of the Defence and Security Foresight (DSF) Group's Asia-Pacific team.

Photo of Prof Stéphanie Martel, Fellow CIDP


Dr. Martel was recently appointed as co-lead (with Brian Job, UBC) of the Defence and Security Foresight (DSF) Group’s Asia-Pacific team. The DSF Group is a new MINDS network-building initiative funded by the Department of National Defence. It brings together leading academic experts from across Canada to identify and assess emerging defence and security challenges facing Canada, and to develop strategies by which Canadian policy-makers can quickly adapt to uncertainty. Drawing on recent academic research, and building on close engagement with relevant DND officials and CAF officers, DSF Group members will develop a common template for foresight and analysis, and apply it to emerging security challenges in different regional contexts. The network is organized around 6 regional and thematic teams, each led by one or two experts. In addition to the Asia-Pacific team, other teams are: North America: led by Brian Bow (Dalhousie) and Veronica Kitchen (Waterloo)


  • NATO/Russia: led by Alexander Lanoszka (Waterloo)
  •  Middle East: led by Aisha Ahmad (Toronto) and Thomas Juneau (Ottawa)
  • Africa: led by David Black and Jenny Baechler (Dalhousie)
  • Diversity & well-being: led by Maya Eichler (MSVU)

Each group will organize a workshop to share ideas and develop a common picture of the regional context, each leading to the creation of a set of focused, policy-orientated publications (i.e., working papers, research reports, policy briefs).

You can follow the DSF Group on Twitter @DSF_Group.