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Centre for International and Defence Policy

Afghan Perceptions of Security in 2018

A Survey of the Afghan People

Thursday, December 13, 2018, Time: 12-1:00 pm
Robert Sutherland Hall, room 554, 138 Union Street  


Afghanistan in 2018: A Survey of the Afghan People is The Asia Foundation’s fourteenth annual public opinion survey in Afghanistan. The longest-running barometer of Afghan perception and opinion, the Survey has gathered the views of more than 112,000 Afghans since 2004 and provides a longitudinal portrait of evolving public perceptions of a broad range of topics including security, elections, governance, the economy, essential services, corruption, youth issues, reconciliation with the Taliban, access to media, migration, the role of women, and political participation.

Comprehensive datais based on face-to-face interviews with a nationally representative sample of more than 15,000 Afghan citizens representing all major and most minor ethnic groups in 34 provinces. 

While broad in nature, this presentation offers an insight into Afghan perceptions of security while covering topics such as experiences of crime and violence; perceptions of the Afghan national defence and security forces; fear of encountering security forces and insurgent groups; support for the Taliban and ISIS/Daesh; support for reconciliation with the Taliban; and, concerns over exercising civil liberties 

Tabasum Akseer, Director of Policy & Research in Afghanistan, The Asia Foundation



Tabasum Akseer 

Director of Policy & Research in Afghanistan,
The Asia Foundation



Tabasum Akseer is Director of Policy and Research in The Asia Foundation’s Afghanistan office. She oversees a portfolio of multiple projects including the Foundation’s annual Survey of the Afghan People. Tabasum leads the design, planning, and implementation of other national surveys including the National Disability Survey of Afghanistan, and Survey of the Afghan Returnees, as well as a data analysis training program to build Afghan capacity. She is responsible for building the Department’s national staff and contributing to the Department’s growth through proposal writing, donor relations, and skill-based development opportunities for national staff.

Prior to her work at The Asia Foundation, Tabasum consulted on projects intersecting gender, peace, security, and human rights. Most recently, she was a post-doctoral research fellow and consultant at the Center for International and Defence Policy, at Queen’s University in Canada. At Queen’s, Tabasum was a teaching fellow and assistant in the School of Religion, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Gender Studies department.

Her work has been presented at various national and international conferences and published in journals including, Forced Migration Review, the Canadian Journal of School Psychology, the Alberta Journal of Educational Research, and the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education. 

Tabasum earned a doctoral degree in Cultural Studies from Queen’s University, in addition to a master’s degree in Education, and bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Political Science from Brock University.