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Project Title Description Stage Target End Date Project Manager Sponsor Scope Time Cost Last Update
HR Recruitment Management SystemThis self-service module was removed from QUASR Scope in October 2010. This module provides recruiting and career search tools for candidates, recruiters and managers. Third party applicant tracking systems will be explored to see what is available in the market. The functionality, implementation and operating costs of these systems will be compared to those offered by the PeopleSoft recruiting and career search tool.Execution2017-04Shaun CahillDan BradshawGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen2016-12-01
Networks Layer 3 Routing on Queen's NetworkHaving our core switches perform all routing creates a large failure domain. By distributing the routing to sites, we can reduce the load on the core routers and reduce the failure domain to each site. Adding dual connected routers will allow for a failure of either core without affecting campus.Execution2020-12Brad HannahGail FerlandGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen2017-07-26
Campus Indoor Cellular ImprovementQueen's community has come to rely on cell- and smart-phones for day to day activities including business, education and personal. Reliable service inside buildings has been hit and miss. The density of devices in the downtown and on main campus has challenged the ability of the carriers to provide capacity with the rooftop macrocell systems. Installation of in-building systems will provide the extra coverage indoors and allow carriers to balance capacity with the outdoor systems.This project is to build on the infrastructure installed as part of the Goodes Hall cellular improvement and expand the system to all buildings on main campus. This infrastructure is designed to support all cellular frequencies and services for all carriers. Execution2018-12Hugh FlemingtonBo WandschneiderGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen2016-11-28
Technical PCI DSS 3.2 ComplianceThis project encompasses the IT changes required to achieve PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) 3.1 compliance for the University.Execution2017-12Stacey WilsonGail FerlandGreenGreenJust YellowYellowGreenGreen2017-07-31
HR Absence & Attendance ManagementOracle’s PeopleSoft Absence Management provides organizations functionality to plan and manage absence events within a single, customizable rules-based application. The module has integrations to PeopleSoft Time and Labour and PeopleSoft Payroll. The scope of the project shall also cover the implementation of additional functionalities within the PeopleSoft Time and Labour Module.Investigation2018-01TBDDan BradshawGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGrey2016-12-05
eProcurementA user friendly web based, vendor hosted e-Procurement system with shopping cart functionality and integration with PeopleSoft. Scope includes a streamline of Purchase to Pay (P2P) processes providing an efficient flow from PO, through invoice receipt to supplier payment.InvestigationTBDRobert PooleDonna JaniecGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen2016-05-02
Ontario Higher Education Community Cloud Service for Data BackupsBuild on this infrastructure to develop a “cloud” backup service to be made available to Universities and Colleges in Ontario.InvestigationTBDTBDBo WandschneiderGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen2014-03-26
Multi-Factor AuthenticationVerizon identified two-factor authentication for remote login access as a high priority control based on frequency of incident patterns in education. The scope of the project includes selecting and implementing strengthening options for login authentication for higher risk contexts such as remote access and system administration. The system should provide several forms of authentication that can be applied to varying levels of risk and cost sensitivity.PlanningTBDChris BurnhamGail FerlandJust YellowYellowGreenGreenGreenGreen2016-09-19
Facilities Management SoftwareReplace the aged and currently unsupported legacy MAXIMO application. Functionality includes a) inventory management, b) work order processing and billing, c) preventative maintenance scheduling, d) Physical Plant purchasing, and e) interdepartmental accounting.Project_CloseTBDShaun CahillJohn WitjesGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen2016-09-19
CV/Annual Reporting (TRAQ Phase III)An enterprise electronic system is needed for the management of academic, professional and research achievements to enable tenure and tenure-track faculty, librarians and archivists, and adjunct faculty to easily maintain and update their CV and annual report data in one location (self-service), synchronize with their Canadian Common CV and submit information for annual report and other evaluation processes as defined under the QUFA collective agreement.Project_Close2017-06Jennifer ClarkJohn FisherGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGrey2017-07-26
Sun Identity Manager ReplacementThe project involves the replacement of unsupported legacy identity management solution with a supported product. Its scope also include the development of in-house skills needed to maintain and extend the IDM infrastructure.Project_CloseTBDMike SmithGail FerlandGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen2016-06-01
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