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Student Theses and Research Essays - 2012

James White (Essay)


Parysatis was queen of Persia during the late fifth and early fourth centuries B.C. She was the daughter of king Artaxerxes I, the half-sister, wife and queen of Darius II, and queen mother in the reign of Artaxerxes II. Details of her life have been preserved in a number of extant sources, including the works of contemporary Greek historians and philosophers, contemporary Babylonian documents, and later Greco-Roman authors. The relative abundance of these sources, when compared to the information available about other women of the ancient Near East and Greece, as well as the diverse nature of the sources, makes Parysatis one of the queens of Persia, and one of the women of the ancient Near East, about whom we know the most. They reveal a woman of both public and private power, who was actively involved and influential in the politics of the Persian Empire during her reign as queen and her time as queen mother. 

Hugo Whitfield (Thesis)

The Rise of Nemausus from Augustus to Antoninus Pius:  A Prosopographical Study of Nemausian Senators and Equestrians