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Caere Excavation Project Updates



On February 14, 2018 Professor Colivicchi will be giving a talk about the past five years of his excavation and research at Caere, Italy.






The 2015 excavation of the Etruscan and Roman city of Caere ended on June 12. It was one of the most successful so far. 


Students from Queen’s and other Canadian and U.S. universities explored two underground structures, a large cistern with well and a previously unknown rock-cut hypogaeum. Found in the cistern (left: Dr. Marco Di Lieto, project mapping specialist and topographer, surveys the cistern) were some complete vases (right: graduate student uncovers an intact vessel) that were ritually offered when the place was abandoned. New data on the earliest building phases and on the function of the area were also collected. The finds were especially abundant, with plenty of complete items among which some very rare artifacts.

Gate of the Roman colony of Pyrgi (one of the sites visited by the group)

Queen’s Classics professor and Caere Project Director, Dr. Fabio Colivicchi, has a video presentation entitled “Early Etruscan Urban Planning at Caere” on display at the 2015 Expo in Milan, Italy.

For more info about the “Etruscans@Expo” exhibition, see

For more information about the Caere Excavation Project, see the project website