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Professor Colivicchi delivers virtual lecture for University of Salerno

Professor Colivicchi recently delivered a lecture (see info below) at the University of Salerno, as part of the PhD in Methods and Methodologies of Archaeological and Historical-Artistic Research conference, which runs from October 26-30, 2020. His lecture was also publicized in the national newspaper “Il Mattino” of Naples, which is one of the most read newspapers in Italy.  

PhD in Methods and Methodologies of Archaeological
and Historical-Artistic Research conference

October 26-30, 2020

The Doctorate in Methods and Methodologies of Archaeological and Historical-Artistic Research remotely resumes its didactic activities by proposing, on the Microsoft Teams platform, the presentation of ongoing research by the doctoral students and two master's lectures in which the archaeologist Fabio Colivicchi will be protagonists (Queen's University at Kingston, Canada) and the art historian Lorenzo Finocchi Ghersi (IULM University, Milan).

The online meetings, designed for doctoral students of both curricula in which the doctorate is divided - Archeology and territorial systems; History of art, aesthetics and languages ​​of the image - thanks to the on-line modality they are aimed at a wider and "deterritorialized" public of scholars, students and citizens interested in the different aspects of the debate that today concerns research on assets cultural.

Thanks to the contribution of scholars of different backgrounds and backgrounds, the MeM Doctorate confirms the commitment to critically address the problems, theoretical perspectives and practices that characterize the study of cultural heritage, a work made more urgent than ever by the current situation, which it requires new tools and new strategies to affirm the civil value of cultural heritage, understood as an indispensable common good and an opportunity for development and social cohesion.

The doctorate in Methods and Methodologies of Archaeological and Historical-Artistic Research is coordinated by Stefania Zuliani for the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences of the University of Salerno.

Fabio Colivicchi (Queen's University at Kingston, Canada)                   Tuesday 27 October - 4.00 pm

Adriatic Italy between Rome and the Hellenistic World

Discussant Mauro Menichetti

Fabio Colivicchi is Professor of Classical Archeology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada), a university for which since 2011 he has directed an excavation project in the urban area of ​​Cerveteri. The research activity of Colivicchi, who is a member of the MeM doctorate college, includes studies on the organization of the territory and urban formation in the pre-Roman Italic world, in the Etruscan area and in the Greek-colonial one also in reference to Hellenization processes and Romanization. Equally important are the studies on material culture, in particular in relation to bronzes, alabaster, ivory and glass. The various lines of research come together in an exemplary way in the study dedicated to the necropolis of Ancona, between the 4th and 1st centuries BC, which manages to reconstruct an important context of the Adriatic area together with its wide and varied connections with the Italic, Etruscan-Roman and Greek-colonial world. The lesson entitled Adriatic Italy between Rome and the Hellenic world will be dedicated to the important contribution dedicated to the Adriatic area (discussant Mauro Menichetti).

Conference's full schedule.