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Faculty & Research Interests

Callie Callon  

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research interests:  Greek and Roman cultural history, early Christianity, and ancient conceptions of the body


Jan-Mathieu (Mat) CarbonProfessor Mat Carbon

Assistant Professor
Office: 501 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74827
Research interests: Greek epigraphy; Greek religion; cultural interactions in Greece, Anatolia and the Near East; calendars and festivals; divination and oracles; digital humanities.

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Kale CoghlanProfessor Kale Coghlan

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: 510 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 75720
Research interests: Hellenistic literature and history, Greek historiographic and geographic writing, ethnography and the description of the ‘Other’ in Antiquity.

Fabio ColivicchiProfessor Fabio Colivicchi

Office: 502 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74821
Research interests: Urbanization and state formation; Greek colonies; Etruscans; pre-Roman cultures of South Italy; ancient imperialism; multiculturalism in the Roman empire; early and republican Rome.
Website: Caere Excavation Project, Italy

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International Collaborations with Queen's Classics Department

Michael S. Cummingsmichael cummings

Assistant Professor
Office: 511 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74822
Research interests: Latin and Greek poetry, in particular the Augustan poets, Greek amatory epigram, early Christian poetry, and mediaeval Latin lyric; love in the ancient world and the philosophy of love; myth, particularly ancient mythography.

Anthony D'EliaProfessor Anthony D'Elia

Professor (joint appointment with History)
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74375
Research interests: Italian Renaissance, Intellectual/Social/Cultural History of Early Modern Europe, classical tradition, Latin (Classical and Renaissance).


R. Drew GriffithProfessor R. Drew Griffith

Professor, Department Head
Office: 513 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74826
Research interests: Greek literature, comparative literature, and literary criticism

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Bernard J. KavanaghProfessor Bernard Kavanagh

Associate Professor
Office: 514 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74825
Research interests: Roman history, Early Imperial Senators, Roman Gaul, Latin Epigraphy

Daryn LehouxProfessor Daryn Lehoux

Office: 503 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74820
Research interests: Ancient science and epistemology, especially astronomy, astrology, mathematics, and medicine. Ancient philosophy

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Johan (Hanna) MacKechnieProfessor Johan MacKechnie

Oliver Post-Doctoral Fellow and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Classics and History
Office: 105 Watson Hall
Research interests: Late antique and medieval history, Justinian Plague, slavery, Mediterranean studies, world history

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Beatrice PolettiProfessor Beatrice Poletti

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: 511 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74822
Research interests: Historiography of Rome, Roman religion, history of the late Roman republic and early empire, Roman identity, Augustan literature, Greek and Roman mythology.

M. Barbara ReevesProfessor Barbara Reeves

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Office: 512 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 74824
Research interests: Roman archaeology, Nabataean culture, the Roman Near East, cultural relations between Roman soldiers and indigenous peoples, the religious practices of Roman soldiers, ancient bath houses and bathing technology, ceramic building materials, petroglyphs and graffiti, the history of archaeology, the history of Queen's Classics Department
Website:  Humayma Excavation Project, Jordan, Queen's Classics at 175sample publications

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Cristiana ZaccagninoProfessor Cristiana Zaccagnino

Professor and Undergraduate Chair
Office: 509 Watson Hall
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 78834
Research interests: Magna Graecia, Greek archaeology, ancient bronzes, classical tradition, field archaeology, ancient polychromy, Numismatics, social status of artisans and artists, inter-ethnic relationships and guest-friendship through the medium of art.

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Cross-Appointed Faculty Professor Richard Ascough

Richard S. Ascough

Professor (Religious Studies)
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 78066
Research interests: Greek and Roman religions; mystery cults; Roman associations (collegia); Romanization in the Western Provinces; Christian origins.

George BevanProfessor George Bevan

Associate Professor (Geography)
Office:  Mac-Corry D130
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext.  78847
Research interests: Late Antiquity, Syriac, Papyrology, Photogrammetry, and GIS

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Richard P. H. GreenfieldProfessor Richard Greenfield

Professor (History)
Telephone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 77507
Research Interests: Late Antiquity and Middle & Late Byzantine history.